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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday

My Favorite Flowers
Come and join me for a Celebration...

Tomorrow, I will reach a milestone in my life.  I will turn 60. I don't feel 60 except maybe for the little aches and pains that come and go and I could feel worse but exercising everyday for an hour and 20 minutes (except for Sunday) wards off or at least holds things at bay.

Come and Join Me for A Sweet
And A Cafe Latte
In reflecting on my personal achievements during this time span, I find it wouldn't  have been possible for me to have achieved what I have without first having to face disappointments and failures.  It is through these faces that I have learned perhaps one of what I view will be one of the most important and valuable lessons in my life.  I have learned not to have unreasonable expectations of people and situations.

Elevating situations and people above their capabilities can only cause disappointment.  After all, we are all human and flawed.  No one is perfect (another realization) and to think that people can live up to what your expectations are is not only unfair to them but can be a cause of disappointment to you.  Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.  This has been the hardest lesson for me personally but once you realize this, life becomes easier and those words "Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed" becomes your mantra.

I think the results of this lesson brings with it real maturity, acceptance and the realization that you cannot change people or situations to suit yourself. Having said this, if I had a bucket list this would have been the first thing on my list that I would have wanted to accomplish over anything else. Reaching this milestone makes me feel like I have achieved one of my toughest lesson and for me that is a great reason for a celebration!

And I would be remiss if I did not wish everyone who will be celebrating birthdays throughout the coming year "Happy Birthday"!


  1. Happy 60th Kris! I will be right behind you in December. Your blog just gets lovelier overtime I read it. Hope you are getting loads of personal satisfaction from writing and your etsy shop. Enjoy your day with the love and support of your family.

  2. Kris,

    I wish you the very best Birthday Ever..I feel like I've know you forever. You are a beautiful soul and I feel blessed to have met you here in blogland!


  3. I wish you a very Happy and Blessed Birthday, Kris. Hope I get a chance to share a sweet and cafe latte in person with you someday.

  4. You are teaching me lessons in your post and Happy Happy Birthday to you Kris! You are so wise and kind and I wish you the best. :)

  5. dear Kris! i wish i was there having a chocolate strawberry and a cafe latte celebrating YOU today ! `cause thats birthdays for me... celebrating the person born at this day. age (time) is such a relative thing anyway.
    you are a wonderful woman and i feel lucky i `ve met you!

  6. Have a wonderful birthday Kris. Sorry to say my expectation of people has been raised a bit. I expect everyone I meet now to be as lovely as they are in blogland, it seldom happens. You are such a lovely lady, wise with a loving heart, many many happy returns of the

  7. Happy birthday, sweet friend! I know that when we meet some day that you will be just the dear person I have come to know through your blog and our exchanges.

    Wishing that I was there to take a photo of you blowing out candles on a cake and to share un café creme....


  8. Happy Birthday Kris! I hope your day is filled with peace, love and the satisfaction of a life well lived. What could be better than chocolate covered fruit and a latte?

    Lots of love to you, cindy

  9. A very Happy Birthday to you. I've already told you that you don't look 60. And your gentle spirit is definitely much younger. Much love to you my dear friend. Mona

  10. Happy birthday Kris, you are an inspiration in more ways than one. What you say is so true and my next birthday being my 65th I can say that you are never too old to learn.

  11. Happy Birthday Kris...
    and thank-you for sharing such a hard earned lessons..I too have and am still learning that lesson as I know it's the hardest and also essential for living life the best that you can...learning to accept everything for what it is, is such an important process...
    blessings to you!!

  12. Dear Kris,
    and all the BEST!!!

    Wish you a wonderful day!

    ♥ Franka

  13. Dear Kris,

    Happy birtday to you!

    Wishing you love, happinesssss and peace!
    Have a lovely day.

    Groetjes...big hugggssssss,

  14. I hope that you had a wonderful and lovely birthday. Many wishes.

    xo Esme


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