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Friday, April 20, 2012

European Lighting

I adore French and Italian Lighting, it is my favorite design style.  Lighting can dramatically change the entire looks of a room.  Not only do they have some beautiful antique but reproductions are available as well.  With such a variety to choose from, it is hard to decide which one too select.  (I'd like both sconces and chandeliers in all the rooms in my house.  LOL)  I found some beautiful examples of French and Italian sconces and chandeliers any one of which I would use in a heartbeat.  I especially love to see chandeliers above bath tubs, it gives baths a spa feeling and who doesn't like a bath that is like a retreat that we can go to at the end of a hectic day...sigh.  What do you think?

Reproduction ~ Crystal Sconces
Image via ~
Image via~
French Chandelier
Image via ~
Vintage Eglomise Sconces ~ Italy
Image via ~
These are gorgeous!

Antiqued French Mirrored Sconce - Electric
Image via ~
I like this one too!
French Chandelier
Image via ~
French Antique Bronze Chandelier w/Amethyst Crystal drops
Image via ~
French Beaded Ecclesiastical Chandelier
Image via ~
This is a real beauty!
French Antique Opaline Glass Chandelier
Image via ~
Pair Italian Antique Painted Tole Flower Bouquet Sconces
Image via ~
Which one is your favorite?  Would you put a chandelier in your bath?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Inspiration Boards

You can tell a lot about a person by what inspires them... what colors they are attracted to, photos, postcards, letters, scraps of fabric, paint swatches.  The boards themselves are inspiring and I've seen some very creative ways in which to display what you love too.  There are so many to choose from including online boards that you can create from websites like Pinterest, Google, and Tumbir or ones you make your self.  I am a very visual person and like to look at my inspiration hanging in the room where I do most of my work.  I've found some inspiration boards that I thought were very creative and pretty too!  Take a peek!

Image via Goggle ~
Here is an example of an online wedding board
Image via Google ~
Image via ~
I'm a bird lover so I found this inspiration board appealing to me...back to nature.
Image via
Image via via Paris Apartment
Appealing to all the artists out there.
A more modern look
Image via
Image via Pinterest ~ Originally Pinned by Ashley Sherfy
Image via Pinterest~ Originally Pinned by Wendy Casey Gueh
Image via Pinterest ~ Originally Pinned by Martina Crowe-Hew
 Rachel of Shabby French For Me 's Inspiration Board (shown below) is who gave me the idea to create my own.   Thanks for being my inspiration Rachel! I'm sure I will be adding more items throughout the coming year.
Beautiful Pastels ~ Very Lovely
Image via Rachel at Shabby French For Me  (Here)

Not only do these boards awaken our creativity but they also visually inspire us and tell the story about the people who created them.  Do you have a favorite?  Have you created one for yourself?  What would  yours look like?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Single Nester Giveaway ~ I Won

Hi Everyone,

Around Easter, Carmie of the blog, Single Nester, (Here) had a giveaway that I won.  Honestly, I can't really believe it.  I'm not a "lucky" person at all and when I DO win I am stunned!  Anyway,  she was giving away this lovely cream crinkly infinity scarf.  It is so pretty!  Thank you again, Carmie!

In order to enter you had to leave a comment under her blog post on the giveaway about your favorite Easter/Passover memory and then you had to write a blog post about it.  So as promised this is what I wrote about in a longer version:

Growing up Easter and Thanksgiving were my favorite holidays and as my favorite seasons go, I am definitely a spring and autumn girl.  Funny how the seasons correspond with the holidays...Easter in the spring and Thanksgiving in autumn.  Anyway, I couldn't wait for Easter because with Easter came spring and oh how I loved the smell of the grass, and the beautiful dark green color.  I loved walking barefoot on it because it felt like a thick carpet squished between my toes.

Where we grew up, the month of April would bring some very lovely warm and sunny days and if Easter fell towards the end of the month we would sometimes already be going barefoot.(I know, hard to believe)  Easter Sunday was pretty special to us because not only did we get colored eggs and a basket of candy (the usual i.e. jelly beans, peeps, (they made me sick) a cadbury egg and a large hollow Easter bunny) but we went to church dressed in our Easter finery!  It wasn't an easy feat for my Mom getting five children ready for church (later that number would grow to nine) but my Mom somehow managed to round us up and march us into the bathroom.  

When I was in the third grade (and I don't know why this Easter particularly sticks in my mind) my mother made our Easter dresses.  She usually made a lot of our clothes as she was a wonderful seamstress. That year our dresses would be an a-line shape and made of linen (think 1959 or 1960).  My sister's dress would be a greenish blue, and mine a lighter shade of blue, both were short sleeved.  She purchased us a pair of those cute little socks with lace around the top of the sock and some dressy Easter shoes. We didn't wear an Easter hat because we always made our own. In the spring, we had these bushes around the front of our house that had lovely little clusters of white flowers on them that grew on thin branches.   She told us to cut the branches long enough so that they would lay in an arch around the top of our heads which she bobby pinned across the top of our hair.  I have to tell you, that my sister and I thought we were the "cat's meow"!

Imagine if you will five little "cotton tops" (we all had snow white hair), three girls, dressed in the dresses my mom made, and two boys, dressed in freshly ironed white starched long sleeved shirts with bow ties marching into church filling up almost a full pew, mom and dad included!

Not an easy thing to accomplish on a Sunday morning after we had just eaten enough Easter candy to make us all fidgety and giddy. I just remember that in spite of a challenging budget and more children than I can personally imagine trying to manage, my Mom always got us to the Church on time and dressed as fashionably as possible during those early years of our lives.  My Mom passed away several years ago and I don't ever remember thanking her for that Easter memory.  So, I want to thank you Mom...thank you so much not only for my special Easter memory but for all the memories!

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