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Monday, September 26, 2011

3rd Installment of Chair Re-do

After spending the past week and weekend painting the chairs and the base of my table I finally finished with the Annie Sloan Paris Grey.  I started this morning putting on the second coat of Old White but was not impressed with how it was looking.  (Lucky for me I had only painted a lower rung before deciding I didn't like it.)  So, I decided to sand the Paris Grey (by hand) on all the chairs and base and it was more to my liking.  It is very shabby/grey.  Because the chairs already had a under coat of an Old white to begin with, that is the white you see peeking out beneath the grey.

This is before I started applying the clear wax.

This is after one coat of clear wax and no buffing yet.  I wanted to let it sit until tomorrow to harden before I buffed it out.

All of the chairs and base have been waxed and will be buffed tomorrow.  I will show pictures after I have buffed and put the chairs seats and tabletop back

This has been a learning experience for me not to mention a very time consuming one...A fairly large project for a first attempt but considering everything, I am pleased with the outcome.

I know there are some of you who aren't into a worn/faded look but for me I am satisfied with the outcome.  Could I have don't better? Probably, but I am always my own worst critic.  What do you think of them so far?


  1. All your hard work has certainly paid off, your chairs look wonderful. I too love the worn faded look. I think it is so easy to live with, a slight knock there or a chip here just adds character, instead of worrying yourself silly that you have damaged something beyond repair. Well done.

  2. They are looking good and yes it is easy to be critical of one's own work. I also often "fiddle" too much when I should just stop when I am happy. Well done, Kris, I am looking forward to seeing the finished photos.

  3. They are looking gorgeous! Your efforts has really paid off, dear Kris.
    As you know I also like worn, faded look very much. I think, this kind of surface on the furniture make home uniquely beautiful. Good job, Kris! Now I am looking forward to see the photos of the end result.
    Have a very nice day!
    Warm regards,

  4. I love the worn painted look ... it's a bit like my face! I find the painting so time consuming and fiddly though - I have about 6 projects waiting in the painting line at the mo. M x

  5. it's looking very nice so far...and I love the worn faded look as it adds depth and character to a piece..can't wait to see the finished pics..!!


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