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Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Sneak Peek

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick update on the progress I've made in stripping my kitchen table base and chairs.  I have just finished stripping the table base and tomorrow husband will sand.  On Monday I will paint the last it. All four chairs are stripped, sanded and painted.  I must say that I thought stripping the chair legs and the lattice back of the chairs was the worst part of the stripping but I was was definitely the table base and the table legs.  The table legs are rounded with grooves that go around each leg three times. Try as I might, I could not get all the paint out in between those grooves.  Husband will have to use the handy dandy hand tool that is small and has attachments to get in to those hard to sand areas.  I worked tirelessly for 7 1/2 hours today to finish.  I'm pooped!  I'm headed to the tub to soak these tired old and achy bones.  LOL

Here are a few photos of the chairs finished:

(3) of the (4) chairs

The Lattice Back

The legs (I personally love the curve in the legs of these chairs!!)

Side view
So, there you have it!  I will post the finished photos of the table base with the chairs Tuesday or Wednesday.  Stay tuned for the big reveal!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. :-)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Stripping Furniture

I've been busy...
I have (4) of these chairs to strip plus a table base.
I started a rather large project...stripping and re-painting my kitchen chairs and a table base.  I spent approximately 8 hours stripping and sanding (husband did the sanding) one chair!!!  Then a lightbulb went off in my brain...I have a heat gun, why didn't I think of that before I spent 8 hours slaving with liquid stripper??  So, I will try it out on chair number 2 to see how it works.  I will still will have to use stripper to remove the final finish but hopefully it won't take me as long.

One down, three to go.  Sigh, I will keep you posted on the finished product! (I painted this one in bright white semi-gloss paint and it turned out great.  I'll post photos later.  :-)

Follow up:  After using the heat gun and spending just about the same amount of time, I decided to forgo using it and just use the stripper.  I am on chair number 4 now.  I have officially stripped, husband sanded and I've painted 3 of the 4 chairs.  Tomorrow is another day of stripping!  :-(  I don't mind the painting as husband has been using a spray primer from Sherwin Williams first and it covers wonderfully so that I only have to give it two coats of semi-gloss. The second coat just gives it a more finished look.  I'll keep you posted.  After this chair I still have the table base to strip, sand and paint.  I'll post pics when I've finished.

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely fall weather.  It has finally gotten into the mid 60's and it looks like we might see low to high 40's at night and 70's during the day later in the week.  Take care!
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