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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ethereal Plus What I Love

Hi all,

 I hope you are having a great weekend.  I've been busy sewing napkins  pillow covers and stenciling some beautiful pillowcases with French script, new items I will be sharing with all of you and adding to my Etsy Shop in September.

Below, is a giveaway that I won from Francine blog, Ethereal Plus What I Love  Francine's Blog.  She has just started in hosting a monthly swap party for people who want to meet new bloggers.  Every month, she selects a new blog for you and you add their blog button to your side bar for that month.  To become familiar with the blog, you write a post about the blog including photos, hobbies, and some background information about the person behind the blog.  I've never done this before and Francine has been wonderful in helping me by creating a button for my blog and advising on the particulars. To find out more about it, you can check it out here: Button Swap Party.

This is what was in the giveaway:

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Look at all these goodies.  The jar with the ribbon around it is filled with Lemon balm grown from Francine's own garden and it smells heavenly.

I love the keys in the distressed enclosed glass frame and have already found a home for them.  The oatmeal soap has a wonderful clean and fresh smell and I can't wait to use it.

Also included a very pretty cup for my coffee, tote bag, postcards and an old photo.  I'm just thrilled to death with everything!!  Thanks so much Francine!  ♥♥

I hope you will pop on over to pay Francine a visit, she has a beautiful blog and  a wonderful eye for finding and displaying her antique finds in beautiful vignettes.  Not only is her blog inspiring, she also has tutorials on her DYI projects that are easy to follow.  She is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Waar Nostalgie en Romantiek Elkaar Ontmoeten

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to introduce Marijke who writes the blog "waar nostalgie en romantiek elkaar ontmoeten" (where nostalgia and romance meet).  You can visit her blog here: She is a very dear and precious friend of mine who has just published a new book "Marijke's mooie Mijmeringen" (Marijke's Beautiful Musings).  She has put a lot of love and worked very hard and tirelessly on this book  and I am so happy and privileged to share a bit about her and her new book complete with photos from the book.


Marijke's New Book
Marijke is from South Holland, in the Netherlands.  She is the mother of 3 children and has two dogs, one of which just recently passed away :( and has just recently become a grandmama for the first time. Her lovely daughter, Lisa just had a baby girl named Sophie who is around 4 months old now.  (So sweet)  She is also a lover of anything pink and Marie Antoinette.  She loves classical music and the music artists Katie Melua and Adele  (my favorite as well).

She spends her time making bears, dolls, and other sweet animals all of which are beautifully hand crafted and filled with the passion and love she feels for each that she creates.  All are given a name and usually there is a sweet little story she writes about them.  They are whimsical and adorable and filled with love.  What person or child wouldn't want one!!

In her own words, she tells you something of the life of a bear and doll maker.

A life full of new births .... because of my dolls and bears. These dolls and teddy bears are carefully and lovingly created in my studio kunsse and cute. In my studio is regularly given workshops, and where I received that people may also have a passion nostalgia, dolls and bears. And of course I can show something of what keeps me busy daily .... I hope you on my blog to meet .. and I'm sure is very exciting and wonderful .. Love, 

While this book is written in Dutch, the photos in and of themselves are gorgeous and show just how detailed and beautiful her dolls and animals are.  I hope that you will take the time to visit her website.  If interested in purchasing a copy of her book, you can e-mail her here: You won't regret it!  :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday's Inspiration

Whether you were looking for a quiet and relaxing weekend or one that was jam-packed and filled with fun things to do, I hope it was exactly as you hoped it would be. Last weekend I spent time in the kitchen making homemade meatballs, some for dinner on Saturday and some to freeze for later.  Also, watched a suspenseful move with Liam Neeson called The Grey.  I'm not usually one for scary movies but this one grabbed me!

Here are some lovely images to start your Monday.  I hope you enjoy them.

Image via ~ ~ Particular Poetry

Image via ~
Image via ~ white-c-rystal-castle
Image via ~ wolf tea creations
Image via ~ Pinterest
Image via The Paper Mulberry
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