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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lovely Aged & Shabby Guest Post By Joanna of Design Shuffle

Hi Everyone,  I'm so excited about this post.  Joanna, a writer for Design Shuffle, an online portal for interior designers to show their portfolios, is here to show us a post she created, Lovely Aged and Shabby based on my personal design style.  So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, find a comfortable chair and sit back and enjoy the show!

Hi! I'm Joanna, a writer for Design Shuffle, an online portal for interior designers to show their portfolios and for design enthusiasts to view. I love my work! I get to spend my days online searching for the most beautiful decorating images and ideas. I get to share them with blog readers like you. Today, I bring you some of the loveliest spaces with aged and shabby dÈcor. I hope you enjoy and get some interior design inspiration of your rooms.
Aged Decor
By far one of my favorite aged decors, this space is so quaint and serene. In particular, I love the charming chandelier. Aged Decor
 The patinaed walls and herringbone floors of this European living room give character to the space. The lighting fixtures are stunning! Aged Decor
The aged stone floors and rough hewn wood accents of this passageway imbue it with a sense of history.
  Aged Decor
Shabby chic furnishings are quite at home in this lovely eat-in kitchen. Wouldn't it be such as charming place to sit for a cup of tea? Aged Decor
 A beautiful and elegant dining room has its own touches of aged decoróthe iron garden table and chairs and various architectural elements. Does this space inspire any decorating ideas for you? Aged Decor
This sleeping porch is so very inviting with its aged architecture and sumptuous textiles. Can you just imagine taking an afternoon siesta here? Aged Decor
 A French country space is inviting with its rustic chairs and harvest table. The bare windows bring nature indoors. Aged Decor
 One of the smallest kitchen designs I've seen is tucked away behind folding doors. A tiny kitchen in this Italian apartment is adorable and a bit rustic. The weathered paint and stone wall add to its aged appearance. I love it! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 Which inspiration is your favorite? Be sure to check out Design Shuffle where you'll find a great assortment of design inspiration here!

Please feel free to include your favorite inspiration in your comments :)

Thank you so much Joanna!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Simone of Fleaning France, one of my favorite blogs, is having a wonderful giveaway to celebrate the opening of her new online shop on June 20, 2012.  Her giveaway is fantastic and you won't want to miss it.  You can enter her giveaway   (HERE).  You won't want to miss this!

Now, for a bit of Eye Candy....Enjoy!

Images from left to right via the following:,, 1dropofjupitor, via ~,,,,, ~ pinterest
Stay tuned...for a guest post by Design Shuffle, an interior design social media website who is going to create a post based on my favorite design styles of French and Farmhouse Chic. She calls it Lovely Aged and Shabby.  Should be interesting!
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