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Friday, September 23, 2011

2nd Installment of Kitchen Set

So,  This is the second installment of my re-do.  There isn't really much to tell you all  except that I have finished 4 chairs and still have the base of my table to paint.  If I hadn't had to remove the milk based paint from several years ago I probably would have been done completely with the 1st coat of Paris Grey.  Here is a better look at the color of the chairs( I think).

It has been very time consuming to paint all the rungs and legs of these chairs but despite this, it has not taken nearly as long as I thought it would.
Painting in-between the lattice proved to be very time consuming.
Isn't this a gorgeous color!I just love it.
A little close-up look
What I can tell you is that I have found this paint so easy to use.  The paint goes on effortlessly and is such a pleasure to use.  So far, I love this paint!  The next installment will be on painting a thinner coat of Old White over the top of this color.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Beginning to Like What I See...

Today, I decided to start the painting process of my kitchen chairs and the base of my table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Several of you are interested in how this works and what I think of it.  I will be posting throughout this week and into next week on my progress.  It is a tedious challenge painting chairs i.e. legs and rungs of chair.  Here are a few of the before photos:

The top of my chair (lattice)
Lots of nooks and crannies in-between the lattice makes it a slow process.

It's easier to paint the legs upside down

Annie Sloan Paris Grey 
Paris Grey...I'm loving this color
So, I was able to finish one chair today because I also have to remove some milk paint that I had used several years ago before I use the new paint. It's not hard to remove because it just peels off like skin. I was not impressed with the milk paint and wouldn't recommend it.  It wasn't very durable and required a lot of prep work that Annie Sloan paint does not require.  But, because it had started to peel I was afraid it would become weighted with paint and start flaking off.

I am very impressed with ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) and find it is extremely easy to use and goes on smooth.  It is a matte paint and of course will have to be waxed and buffed after I finish the two coats of paint.  I also have not noticed any odor with this paint at all!

So, as I progress I will be posting pictures and telling you how it is going.  Stay tuned.  What do you think of the color?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Swedish Design

For all of you who love Swedish design, I decided to post some very beautiful photos for you to swoon over.  I know I am.

Image by House Mode

House Mode
Get Home Design
House to Home UK

Image by Country Living
House to Home

Image by Veranda (Bowers Home)
Image by Veranda (Bowers Home)
Image by Veranda (Bower Home)

Image by Veranda (Bower Home)
Image by Veranda ( Bower Home)
I hope you loved these images as much as I did.  The simplicity of the design and the colors are simply stunning in the Bower Home.  I love the green and blue in the dining room, very soft and muted and the clock. Just gorgeous!  Now if only I could have a house like that.

What do you like about Swedish design?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Giveaway Winner

First off, I want to thank everyone who participated in my Giveaway introducing my new Etsy Shop.  I have had so many comments, additions to my Facebook page, La petite boutique de perles and my blog.  If you haven't liked me on La petite boutique de perles or my blog please feel free to do so.  Now, for selecting the winner, I did this the old fashioned way...None of that random number selection.  I like a more personal touch to selecting a winner.  So, I wrote everyone's name on slips of paper and had my husband draw them from a hat.  And...Drum Roll Please

Image via Google
The Winner is  Kairi.  I will be sending you an e-mail for your address.

All of You have been wonderful and I wish I had something for everyone.  I so appreciate your kind words and well wishes and love hearing from you.  If there is  a specific topic you would like to hear about, let me know as I would happy to research and do a post on it for you.  Stay tuned because I will be giving instructions with before and after pictures of using Annie Sloan paint in the coming days.

I will also be adding new items and will always post on my blog and Facebook.  For me "Simplicity is Comfort and that is the theme of my shop...To bring handmade items to each and every one of you that are simple, timeless, beautiful and always with a touch of France.
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