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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Memories and French Books

Simone, at Fleaning France has just opened a shop with gorgeous things she finds in the brocantes in France.  You can visit her here:  I recently purchased a set of (3) Antique French books with well worn navy covers on them that I j'adore. They are exactly like I thought they would be and anyone who knows me knows how much I love books.

Lovely French Antique Books
Do you ever wonder about the people and history behind the items you collect?  I do. You've heard "one man's junk is another man's treasure" and I for one believe that to be true. As I look at these books I wonder why they decided to part with them?  Certainly they had some sentimental meaning at one time. I'll never know the real reason but I do have an appreciation for the meaning they must have held for the people who had them.

Maybe it's an age thing but as I have gotten older I have noticed that our children sometimes don't have the same appreciation or understanding for the reasons we "hang on to things."  I realize that it doesn't have the same meaning to them as it would to us.  After all, it's our memory not theirs. Which brings me to the realization the importance of giving our children the history behind the things we cherish the most.   Most children will look upon our things and won't feel the tug in their hearts that we did and will think, "I wonder why mom kept this old thing" and without further examination or thought quickly dispose of the item never thinking about why we  valued it.  It is different now from when I was growing up when even the smallest item had a story and a value behind it making it important to our parents and grandparents.  Too quickly, our children are rushed by time constraints and just want to go through everything as quickly as possible to be done with it.

When my mother passed away, we found a bag full of cards that my siblings and I had sent her over the years. We couldn't believe that she kept them.  I know it really wasn't the cards that mattered to her but the sentiment in the cards and our own personal notes that we added to them.  I'd like to think that these words brought a smile to her face and that she knew that everything she gave up for us, all the love she had for us, was reflected in the cards we sent her.

The same thing is true of my grandmother, who had a cedar chest that was given to her by my grandfather that she gave to me.   In there was a host of items that she had kept over the years, some belonging to my father i.e. report cards, army cap, money belt, books, pictures we had made for her, letters, and mementos of our wedding showers, graduations etc.  She marked everything and before she died she gave each of us the things that she had kept for us over the years. I can't tell you how much that meant to me because when you're young you never think about holding on to that graduation program, or shower napkin, a memento of your accomplishments your to busy moving on to bigger and better things.  That my grandmother like my mom would take the time to do this was a true test of her love for us.  I did the same thing she did, I placed things that I thought were important keepsakes for my children and grandkids.  Each with a special folder that houses their drawings, the tiny shoes they wore, pictures, awards and baby items that I hope one day they too will cherish.  (Grandma trained me well) HA

I've tried to impress upon my children and grandkids the memories that are attached to the things I hold dear.  I don't know if when the time comes they will even remember what I have shared with them but I do hope that my memories of the things that are dear to my heart will give them pause and that they will take a trip down memory lane reflecting on what I shared with them.

Do you think your children will remember what was important to you?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Purple and Gold Tones

I have just found a new blog called Zsa Zsa Belliagio ( at least it's new to me) and I love it.  You can visit here:  She has the most gorgeous images in all areas of fashion, decor, and food. I spent some time yesterday visiting her new and older posts. If you have a few minutes to spare, you won't be disappointed!   Today, I am showing some images in a purple/grey collage and gold tones in the second one.  Enjoy!

Images via ~ Purple dining room ~, Fleur ~, Yarn ~, Bread ~ elorablue

images via ~ candle cups,~dutch one, room setting ~ moody hues, dress ~ Pinterest ~Originally pinned Inge Falappino, rolled papers ~ Misha64
How do you feel about the color purple?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday's Mood Enhancers

I love Sunday mornings, no errands, laundry, or house cleaning just the bare minimum. Leisurely sitting around and drinking my first cup of cafe creme and contemplating just being still.  It's difficult for me to sit around without doing something.  I remember my grandmother telling me "helping hands are happy hands or idle hands are the devils workshop."  HA  Maybe that is why I find it hard to be still and do nothing.  So, in keeping with my grandmother's words of using my hands to help, I gathered some great images for you to enjoy thus making my hands happy and out of the reach of the devil.  LOL   I hope you enjoy them and your day!

Image via ~

Image via ~
Image via ~
Image via  ~ 79
image via ~
Image via ~ ~ jjones 186
Image via ~ Just Lilla
Image via ~ Pinterest
Image via http://inspirationlane.tumbir ~ Pinterest

And lastly, I leave you with a quote by Coco Chanel, my favorite designer who brought us the little black dress and who's favorite number is No. 5.

Image via ~ Little Blue Deer
What would your interior tell us about you?
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