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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I love internet shopping.  You can sit at your leisure, cup of cafe creme in hand and find the most wonderful things.  Of course, most are out of my price range but a girl can dream can't she?  I ran across this image on emagDeco and thought it so sweet! See the little birds...Aren't they darling?  I love the vintage cage and the green background.


I thought it might be fun to do a little "window shopping" and pretend that money wasn't an issue. What would I buy? Humm, how about these:

Clothes Rail By Cote Bastide
Cote Bastide Table Linens
Cote Bastide Soap Dish
More Cote Bastide Table Linens
Vietri - Incanto via Distinctive Decor
Emma Bridgewater (White Toast) Stoneware via Joanne Hudson Basics
Cote Bastide Chanvre (Hemp) 
I use this and I love it!

Marina at Vintage Jane Blogspot makes these lovely heart shaped Brooch Pillows to attach your brooches on (Here).  This is my favorite!

Well, that about does it for a few of my favorite things.  Don't forget to check out my Etsy shop (Here) for new items.  I will be adding a lovely stone linen table runner and 4 matching napkins soon.  I have a new french stencil that will be added to the middle of the table runner.  I wonder what it says?


  1. So many pretty things! The birds are so sweet! They would bring wonderful energy to a room.

    Lots of love to kris --

  2. I would so love to come shopping with you Kris, our tastes are VERY similar, what a lovely collection of goodies.

  3. love your shopping tour Kris!
    you are abusy lady!
    your shop looks gorgeous : )

  4. Thank you for the mention! I love your dream shopping list. M x

  5. Lovely things you *bought*!

    ♥ Franka

  6. Beautiful! I love the bird cage.

  7. would love to go virtual shopping with you sometime...would love to go real shopping with you sometime too..what fun we would have!!!
    beautiful finds..

  8. These are so lovely. It was hard getting used to the luke warm drinks. As much as I complain about it, I love being able to sit outside in a sundress late into the night. I did not wear a sweater once.


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