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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Additions to My Etsy Shop

I've just added two new items to my shop.

A Lovely Toile Sachet
This sachet is filled with Grosso Lavender, which is longer lasting because of the extra oil infused in each bud.

The Reverse Side in a black/ivory ticking

Hemp twine wrapped on one sachet and a lovely antique Mother of Pearl Button w/hemp twine 
French Inspired red/ivory sachet done in a more rustic, faded and worn look.  The reverse side in a solid ivory with red accents.

The reverse side.

You can find them in my Etsy Store (Here).

A Favorite Picture

This is my favorite picture.  Isabella thinks this picture is of her when she was little...And I don't have the heart to tell her it isn't her. It hangs in my dining room in front of my table and when we move it is always this picture that speaks to my heart when I open the box it was packed in.  There is a bit of a gasp and I hear myself say, "There is something so innocent and sweet about a little French girl who blows you a kiss".

I would imagine everyone has one picture or portrait that speaks to them.  Do you have a favorite picture?  If so, what is it that draws you to it?


  1. Snap! I have just been making lavender sachets too, very similar to yours! The air is now full of their scent. Yours are lovely. M x

  2. Mmm Lavender one of my favourite scents. I prefer French lavender to English, so uplifting. I love the fabrics you have chosen Kris, very chic.

  3. Such lovely things Kris!!! pay day tomorroow.... hmmmm ; )

  4. Love the things you make Kris, so pretty.

  5. what beautiful sachet's...and made with love...
    what more could you ask for..??
    and what a lovely sweet that your Isabella thinks it's of her..and really, perhaps it is..!! it's what you want it to be... :)

  6. Good morning Kris. I love the fabric you are using for your sachets! Rhodes 100 percent cottons make beautiful drapery too! I'm not sure if I have an absolutely favorite picture, but a picture of a French bakery makes me think of good food, good friends, good times. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  7. Oh Kris those sachets are gorgeous! The black toile is my favourite so chic! Hugs from an old farmhouse - Glenda xxx

  8. Your sachets are so lovely you are so talented. Have missed you. Mona

  9. Wow, those sachets with touch of french looks really gorgeous. You always do a good job, dear Kris! And the result of your work on your chairs is also great. Your chairs looks wonderfull now. Alas I am not able to sit there with you to take a cup of coffee. :))
    Have a wonderfull time, dear Kris.
    Warm regards,


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