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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Because of the great humidity here ferns seem to grow wonderfully.  So, I decided to try my hand at a fern garden.  Because I know virtually nothing about them except that they love humidity and shade I did some research and found the perfect place for them...right next to our patio where we only receive morning sun and the rest of the day is shady.  I was fortunate to have the larger frond ferns given to me to transplant by my neighbor who has tons of them growing everywhere.  I purchased the asparagus ferns and four gardenias to place around the larger frond ferns then layered around them with straw pine needles for the acidity.  They are doing great.

Another view of the garden
And here is Fred, my pelican wind chime who I simply adore and who makes the prettiest sound when of course the wind blows!

Some other plants my neighbor gave me to transplant.

A gift from my neighbor.

Here are also a few more pics of things I have going on in the house which I am still working on...a never ending decorating job.

Here is my blue oar that is distressed and has my favorite number, 5 and a beach sign pointing right to the door and out to the beach! LOL

My french Cannes giclee print that I've had for several years.

My marble top table with my french lamp and burlap shade.

That's it for today, I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!


  1. You do a very nice decorating job!!!!

    ♥ Franka

  2. Ferns are pretty easy plants to maintain. It seems like they are always green if we water them properly. I really like your marble table, and have been looking for something like that for my living room.

    It sounds like you have been busy decorating this summer. I usually start my decorating in the Fall. Love all the Fall colors.


  3. Wow, you're just chugging right along with the decorating! I love your oar! The plants are going to look amazing once they fill in. I've never tried a fern here in FL but I may try one out on the front porch one of these days:)

  4. It looks great, love that vintage wall decoration! :-)

  5. Ohh I love the ferns - so cute. And I'm loving the idea of having a warm climate to live in. Great shots and the french cannes picture is adorable.
    Have a great day Kris,


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