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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stormy Weather Ahead

For the next several days we will be experiencing MORE rain here!!  Here are a few pics of the cloud cover this evening when the storms are supposed to come in.

My favorite

I saw this pretty butterfly on a wall and snapped a pic of it.  I'd never seen one like it before...have you?

I leave you with the song and lyrics of Gypsy sung by one of my all time favorite singers Stevie Nicks when she was with Fleetwood Mac.  :-)

The lyrics are about a time when she lived in San Francisco and slept on the floor on a mattress.  The Velvet Underground was a clothing store there.  She was pretty much a gypsy during the time she spent there.


  1. We've got a lot of clouds rolling in here too so I think it's going to be a rainy one later. That butterfly is gorgeous and no, I've never seen one like it!

    I love the Fleetwood Mac song "Sarah", one of my all time favorites!

  2. Kris,
    I can't believe that storms are coming in around your area! The song "Gypsy" is one of my favorites by Stevie Nicks. I used to listen to Fleetwood Mac all the time back in the day. I can relate to the song, as I'm a bit of a Gypsy myself haha.

    Have a beautiful day.


  3. Those clouds do look threatening ... We had a day of rain yesterday but it's bright again today.
    That song is one of my favourites too.
    M x

  4. We are seeing a lot of cloud here too - Autumn is surely arriving (early) here.
    Pretty butterfly, I have never seen a green on before - amazing colour.
    Happy weekend Kris,

  5. Oh the rain: it is never ending all over the South!! A full weekend of it ahead: well, maybe time to cook! I guess my flowers are loving it, and the grass is greener than ever!

  6. Storms are cosy when one can stay inside - but not as cosy if one can´t... I hope you don´t have to run errands if it breaks lose!


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