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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fence Critters

Here is another lizard running across the top of the fence.  Does anyone know what the orange and yellow thingy (for lack of a better word for it) is on this lizard?  We see them opening their mouths and then this "thingy" appears?

Here are also a few pics of my new design style:

I just had this pillow cover made

We just finished painting this accent wall in a watery blue color.

My newest and most favorite rug!  Notice the red and white vintage buoy?

I made this.  I love the salt life sticker at the bottom.  It pretty much describes life around here.  A salt smell in the air and sand always in between my toes!  This is really a brand of clothing line but also represents a way of life here.

New beachy colors!

Just a few peek's of what I'm attempting to incorporate.  Stay tuned for a new table redo!


  1. Kris,
    I've never seen a lizard like that before, very interesting. It's funny because I just took a few pictures of a lizard at the park, but didn't know if I should post them, as they are a bit creepy to me.

    Your new beachy look is very soothing and pretty. I love that wall color!

    Have a good summer day.


  2. Wow Kris, your new home is looking amazing!!! It looks so crisp and beachy. I've never seen a lizard like that, my husband would love it! Yesterday I brought a chair in off our front porch to clean it, I took the pillow off and there was a giant frog under it, sleeping. I know this is silly but I'm terrified of frogs! I tried coaxing him out the front door with my broom but he kept jumping more and more into my living room. He eventually ended up high up on the wall, I call Kyran and was begging him to come home from work and get it out!!! He said ok but that it would be a while before he could leave so I called our maintenance guy and he came over to get it. It was hilarious watching him trying to catch it, the frog was squirting pee everywhere. He finally got him and put him outside safe and sound:) I don't know why I'm so afraid of frogs!

  3. I love your new wall color - could have that in my home! I think your style looks great. :-)

  4. Looks like you're having fun styling your new home - I love the relaxed colours.
    Your fern garden will be beautiful when it is established too ... We have a large male fern in the corner of our garden and it is one of my favourites ... I love the way they unfurl. M x

  5. Hello Krys,

    I like the look of your "beach cottage" home, with the solf blue paint on the walls, the white doors and the pretty carpet.
    Seems you are enjoying your new 'estate' !

    I wish you a nice summer end. Au revoir.



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