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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This and That and Everything In Between

There hasn't been a lot going on with the exception that I've been helping a friend who will be moving into a new home soon.  She is getting new furniture so I have been taking pictures of the furniture she wants to sell and posting them Craigslist.  I am the contact because she works and cannot show the items during the day but I can.  I must say we've done quite well thus far selling her bedroom suite which now has her sleeping on the floor atop her mattress.  She has also had to resort to taking two kitchen chairs to use in her living room as her old sofa and love seat have also sold.  We only have a kitchen set and a hutch left to go.  Having to be available to show the items have kept me very busy.  I have however, been able to spend some time sewing up a beautiful pillowcase in a lovely quilted aubergine fabric, ( I love this color!) that has a white linen border and a small accent of silk that was hand dyed from silk saris cut into strips that I have sewn together.  I think its turned out very lovely!

A good look at the fabric

The white linen border and silk sari accent

A better look at it in its entirety.  

I loved making this and have more silk sari pieces to incorporate into other pillow cases.

I also want to mention that I was one of (5) lucky winners of Eliza's (Interior and Design) HERE to win one of these lovely pillow or door ornaments from her Spring Collection!  Aren't they gorgeous!  They are made with antique crisp white linen, hand tinted silk and velvet, ribbons and  finished with an antique brooch c 1930-50.  Thank you JO!

Well, that's it for today.  I'm heading out to the hairdressers for a cut and maybe a nice iced coffee!  Have a wonderful day!


  1. It looks great - lovely fabric! Well done! :-)

  2. I am very impressed with your sewing skills! The pillow is perfect. I can make drapes and that's about it. I am so impatient that most of my sewing turns out a little sloppy looking.

  3. Yes indeed Kris! It turned out very lovely!
    And how kind of you to help a friend...

    enjoy your day : )

  4. I’m loving these aubergine tones lately too; it looks just lovely. i’m thinking of redoing my bedroom... now since you are such a good helper friend come on over!!! ... ahah .hope you are well Kris :)
    x sandra

  5. How nice of you to help your friend out like that, I'm sure she appreciates it! Your pillow is gorgeous...I'm such a big purple/lavender fan:) Congratulations on your win, they're lovely!!!

  6. Looks like your friend will be empty soon. Love what you did with the pillow. So luxe. Congrats on your will. Beautiful stuff.

  7. That is very kind of you to be helping your friend. i like the violet on the pillow.


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