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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Good Samaritan

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This blog post was one written last spring when I first started blogging.  I wanted to re-post it because I see instances like the one I am describing below all the time and I am always amazed at the number of people who just walk on or turn their eyes in a different direction.  What do you think they are thinking? I hope this post will help us all remember that this could possibly be us....

I am always amazed at what I see when my husband and I go for our morning walk and this morning was no different.  As my husband and I were taking our usual walk, we saw a man walking down a walkway with a cane that is typically used by blind people.  He looked well dressed and as we met up with where the walkway met up with the main sidewalk he looked a bit lost so we asked him if he was okay and he asked us if the sidewalk was a cross street that led to the corner and the bus stop.  Well, we didn't see any bus stop but we had passed one on the corner.  It seemed he had come out the wrong door and was heading in the wrong direction.  He was blind and his eyes had been dilated while he was in the doctor's office.  (Why they let him leave like that I don't know! )

He was starting to get more confused and agitated and kept asking if he was on the street we had just crossed over.  We asked him if he needed help and he said yes.  We escorted him to the bus stop and while chatting with him found out that he was 85 years old, a very young 85 year old.  He talked about how discourteous and impatient the bus drivers were and how drivers had previously run over the tip of his cane while he was awaiting the bus.  We could sympathize with him as we too had experienced first hand the rudeness of drivers and how they fail to obey traffic signals so this was nothing new to us.

The bus had pulled away from the stop just minutes before so he would have to wait about 15 minutes.  I was concerned and asked if he was going to be all right and he said he would.  As we told him goodbye, I wondered if he would be okay and why he was alone.  Does he have children or a wife at home and if he does why did he go alone to the doctors office? Even more worrisome is the question of why a medical professional would let a blind man with dilated pupils leave the office alone?

 As we crossed over and continued on our way I turned around to see if I could still see him and couldn't help but wonder if that might not be me one day and wondered if there would be a good samaritan there to help me.

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  1. What a lovely post Kris and so true. I often wonder, when I see homeless or elderly people who are struggling, where is their family? Someone must love them or care about them! So sad...thank you for sharing this and I'm sure this gentleman was very glad he ran across you and your hubby that day:)

  2. Sadly it is true dear Kris... not many people see people like people anymore. We are numbers. We represent a customer, a patient, somebody random passing us on the street. Nothing more. No human. No soul.

    I wish in my heart everybody was like you....

  3. Beautiful post... The words 'there but for the grace of God'... always remind me to help someone in need. I do the best I can but here in the States, it's very difficult and, I have been told, dangerous too. We are becoming faceless shadows and that scares me.
    Jo x

  4. Just as Jo said, this could be any of us and I always think about my parents, my children, my sisters and know that I would want someone to help them in my absence.

    This is a feel-good story and a reminder to each of us to do the right thing.


  5. This Sunday, the reading in church was about Jesus meeting the woman from Samaria, a Samaritan. How fitting is your post.


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