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Friday, March 9, 2012

Wood Violets

Wood Violets....

Image via ~ Maia C on Flickr

After seeing these little flowers growing wild and not paying any attention to them before now, I feel bad.  I never really thought of them as flowers, more like a weed but after reading a book by Sara Jio called Violets of March I reckon they deserve a bit more of my attention.

Wood violets grow wild and pop up where you least expect them.  They are also the state flower of Wisconsin.  Violet comes from the latin name viola and wood violets are the key symbol for redemption, forgiveness, and reconciliation.  Perhaps this is why they pop up where you least expect your yard, or a friends... where maybe a little redemption, forgiveness or reconciliation is needed.

Much prettier than a weed I must say
Image via ~ Maia C on Flickr

Violets of March by Sara Jio is a book I would highly recommend if you are looking for a mystery that holds your attention until the end.  It is about a young lady named Emily, a writer, who has just ended her 6 year marriage to her husband Joel.  Having writers block and feeling the need to take a break, she receives an invitation to visit her great Aunt Bee for a month who lives on Bainbridge Island in Washington State.  Emily accepts, longing to be healed by the sea, and hopes this trip will help get her past her writers block.  While visiting, she stumbles upon a red velvet diary dated 1943 who's contents reveal startling connections to her own life.  I won't go into any more detail only to say that I could not figure this out until the very end.

This book is what caused me to take a closer look at wood violets and their symbolism.  I probably won't ever look at these flowers in the same way again.  Funny how something you thought was a weed and something you tried to get rid of can be the symbol of something so wonderful.  So, if you see these beautiful purple flowers popping up in your yard or someone else's I hope it will give you a cause for pause....wondering who it is that may need a bit of forgiveness, reconciliation or redemption.


  1. Lovely written Kris! About Wood Violets- didn't know they are called that ( no idea about their name in Norwegian nor in Greek ;p )

    You have a way to discribe books you like, you make me like them too. And wanted to read them of course!

    Enjoy your week my dear friend : )

  2. I shall check out the book ... it is always good to have a recommendation. Have a great week hon. M x

  3. I do love their color - pretty little flowers! :-)

  4. what a gorgeous post, love the idea of flowers popping up to tell us things... !
    and the book sounds fabulous, thanks for sharing .
    x sandra

  5. You have me seriously interested. I'm going to add this to my wish list!

  6. This sounds like a good read. I will add it to my list of a thousand titles . . .


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