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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tine K Home

A few months ago, I came across this lovely Danish Homeware website, Tine K Home, (HERE) and wanted to share with you some images that show some of the beautiful items that you can purchase through their website.  Shipping is available to the US on their website.  I think this is a gorgeous look and I love the shades of purple, blue, grey and white that's incorporated in this look.  Enjoy!

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Image via ~ Pinterest  Elaina Bianca
Image via ~ Pinterest ~ Peggy Imbeaud - Les  (I'm in love with this purple shade and the linen tablecloth)

Image  via ~ Pinterest ~
Image via ~ Pinterest ~ (Love the look of this pottery - It adds a rustic look)

Image via ~ Pinterest ~ Alis

Image via ~ Pinterest ~ Emmas Lookbook

Image via ~ Pinterest via Northern Light  (Love the sconce and the purple shade)

Image via ~ Tine K Home Blog

Image  via ~ Tine K Home Blog

Don't forget to visit their blog (HERE) and follow them on Facebook.


  1. I like this violett touch!

    ♥ Franka

  2. Oh I like, very much indeed. The Northern light bed with velvet pillows and crisp white sheets, Mmmm. Plus those lovely bath towels would look just perfect in my bathroom.

  3. Tine K is a fab brand - love her design! :-)

  4. How funny, I just found Tine K about an hour ago before seeing your post! It is wonderful, I'm so obsessed with all the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian stuff right now:)

  5. love that style too; wouldn’t mind a few pieces...

  6. Hay Kris,

    Yes I like this style to from Tine's pure and honest.

    Kris please look out from the postman...he brings you al little
    bit spring and love from Holland!

    Love and happinesssss....


  7. they do have some gorgeous stuff... love those lamps ( sigh )

    how you doing Kris? I hope everything is good in your life


  8. LOVE Tine K Kris - their stuff is amazing - and it is Tine herself that started the whole thing - she is cool.
    HAve a great day sweets,

  9. Gorgeous! I'm going to have to check them out!


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