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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lesley Holmes

After reading a post recently by Kerry of Design du Monde's blog (which you can view here on one of her favorite children's watercolor book, she inspired me (thank you Kerry) to share with you a book by Lesley Holmes who is an artist who specializes in watercolor and pencil sketches of the countryside and animals of the Cotswolds.  I purchased two of her books, A Cotswold Sketchbook, one for myself (which she so graciously signed for me) and one for a friend of mine who is British in 2001. In addition to A Cotswolds Sketchbook she also has books of her sketches on Venice, (my next purchase from her hopefully) and a Lesley Holmes Sketchbook.  She also sells etchings, originals, cards and prints.  Here is a sampling of her sketches from A Cotswold Sketchbook.

Wouldn't these make a lovely framed collage?  Read more about her work(HERE)
Also, you can still enter my giveaway for an Laudree cookbook (HERE).


  1. Wow, those are absolutely gorgeous! I think it would be so much fun to be able to sit in a studio or out in the middle of nowhere with a paintbrush and canvas:) Thank you for sharing these Kris!

  2. They are lovely watercolors. Makes me long for England in the summer.

  3. Oh my very favourite part of our country captured so beautifully. I will look out for the book, gorgeous.

  4. Those are truly lovely sketches and they took me right back to the Cotswalds.

  5. Oh these are lovely! There is a watercolor artist here in Provence that does a similar style of watercolor and ink sketches that I've always loved, too. I've always wanted to do watercolors!

  6. Lovely watecolors Kris! I'll take a look at the site you are sharing soon.

    love to you : )

  7. Oh I love watercolors! Did she by any chance do the Paris Sketchbook? These are just charming.

  8. Virginia,

    I don't believe so. She did do a sketch book on Venice and some for a book called The Lesley Holmes Sketchbook. If you go to her website listed above it will show you some of the sketches in the Venice book. Gorgeous!

  9. Gorgeous sketches. A very talented lady. thanks for your thoughts and prayers for me and my family , Kris. XO, Mona

  10. Hay Kris,

    I love this soft watercolors very much Kris..
    I will take a look at the website!

    Love from Marijke

  11. i love watercolour though i am not very good at it. I love these pictures...


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