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Monday, April 4, 2011

What's Your Pet Peeve?

I walk everyday and one thing I find that annoys me to no end is how cars encroach upon the crosswalks made for pedestrians.  You know, I follow the law and I wait for the "little green man" to show on the sign before I cross and it never are speeding up to and crossing over the walk for pedestrians.

I'm a quiet person by nature and don't generally like to raise a "stink" BUT this has really gotten to me.  I have resorted to shaking my finger at the driver while walking around their car but they refuse to look at me when I do this.  I have hollered "Hey" only to have them look the other way.   I have nearly let them run over me only to hear "sorry I didn't see you".  How can you NOT see me? I have also used my hands to motion for them to back up.  (Just like a policeman directing traffic.)   I follow the rules and I wonder why it is they think they don't have to.  Enough said!

What is your pet peeve and how do you handle it?

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