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Monday, April 4, 2011

Popcorn And A Movie - Welcome To The Riley's

This movie is a drama and stars James Gandolfini as Doug Riley and Melissa Leo as his wife Lois.  After losing they're only daughter in a car accident 8 years prior Doug and Lois go through the very painful process of trying to go on with their lives... but not very effectively.  As they go through this process Lois refuses to leave the house and becomes an (agoraphobic) while Doug goes through the motion of working in his Plumbing business.

A business trip takes Doug to New Orleans where he meets (Kristen Stewart) who is a prostitute and the two of them form a platonic bond with Doug thinking he can bring back his daughter through Kristen Stewart.  When Doug decides not to go back home and calls his wife to tell her, she decides to drive to New Orleans to find him.  Armed with brown bags to breathe into for oxygen and unfamiliar with how the car works she plans her trip and calls him when she arrives.  Surprised beyond belief that she left the house and drove to find him changes what could have been the end of their relationship and turns it into a new beginning for them.   It is at this time that he tells her he wants her to meet someone and that he has been staying with her and it is not what she thinks.  She is not at all happy with the situation she finds her husband in but sticks it out and in the end what could have derailed their relationship turns out to be the inspiration that saves their marriage.

This was a good movie and while the reviews weren't especially great I thought this an inspiring story. I am sure that anyone who has lost a child can relate to how a tragedy can forever change the lives of the survivors.

I would rate this movie ****** stars out of 10.  If any of you have watched this movie, I would be interested in your take on it.

 (See Trailer Below)


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  1. Hi Kris,
    I sure have become an occasional blogger-hehe.
    Thanks for the movie clip and review. I think we may see it.

    big hugs


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