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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Memory Lane

Gosh,  I'm so sorry that it's been such a long time since I did a post but I was busy preparing for a visit from my girlfriend from high school.  Yes, you heard me right, a girlfriend from high school.  It has been at least 40 years since we have seen each other and the excitement of seeing her again took precedent over anything else.

The two of us on the Pier

We could sure tell you some stories but girls gotta have some secrets.   We might have had a few secrets but not very many because we sure couldn't pull the wool over her mom's eyes. LOL  We had a curfew of 11:00 p.m. and her mom always waited up for us when we went out on Saturday night.  One interesting fact was that husband and I introduced them.  My husband and her husband grew up in the same neighborhood and her husband was in a class at college with my husband so my husband brought him home and I invited her to meet him.  They dated and married and have been married almost as long as we have!  So, her husband and mine have a lot in common just like my girlfriend and I had.

We did some "retail therapy" shopping at the outlet mall in Destin,  about an hour from here.  We spent most of the day there.  From there we went out to dinner at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.
We started out the next morning with breakfast at The Egg and I (which served us the best breakfast ever). We also took a stroll along the Pier overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and stopped by Starbucks just in time to hear a young jazz musician playing a saxophone ( my favorite instrument) outside.  It seems they had had a jazz festival last weekend and on Sunday he had set up in an area and was playing outside for all the world to hear (and I might add he was really good).

When we weren't talking in between trips to the various places we went , we stayed well up into the night...we had a lot of reminiscing to do and not a lot of time to get through it all (but try as we might, we didn't quite get through it all.  After all, it had been almost 40 years!!)  The husbands went to bed not the least bit interested in our conversation.  Hah   All in all,  even though our visit was a short one we had a wonderful time and vowed to continue to text, call and visit and I hope we see each other again real soon.  Below are a few photos we took while they were here:

Girlfriend and Husband  

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville

The view from the Pier
The weather was picture perfect the whole weekend while they were here and they left just in time avoiding the torrential downpour we had for 4 days dumping 7 some odd inches of rain.  We were  fortunate but the people in Pensacola didn't fare well and were flooded.  They got 20" of rain within 26 hours.  (Pensacola is 2 hours from here).  The rain washed away entire streets, and houses were filled with mud and water.  My heart goes out to people there as it will be a long time before things become normal for them.

Well, that's it for this post.  The weather here for the next 6 days is supposed to be sunny and h~o~t a welcome change from all that rain!  Enjoy the weekend.  :-)


  1. What a lovely meeting!!!

    ♥ Franka

  2. Wow Kris, 40 years since you've last seen each other! That's amazing and how cool that you introduced her and her hubby! Lovely pics, glad you had a great time:)

    I was wondering about you and all that rain! We had a small amount last night and an even smaller amount this morning. We're heading to Miami for the night for a baseball game so hopefully we stay dry!

  3. looks like you had tons of fun! also fan of "shopping-therapy" from time to time...sunny greetings from tulipland!

  4. HI Kris - that would have been an awesome catch up! How wonderful!!! I can imagine the stories ... ha ha.. An old friend found me the other day on facebook and we were chatting for ages - cracking up about the 'old days'...
    Have a lovely week ♥

  5. Kris,
    I'm so glad that you had a wonderful visit with your friend from high school. I just saw 4 of my girlfriends from highschool too. I love the clouds in the last picture. They are so mysterious and lovely. Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville sounds like a great place to eat. Wow, 40 years since you've seen eachother......I'm sure you had a lot to catch up on.

    Thank you for your comment on my "Jesse" post. It really means a lot to me and Nel, and I'm so glad to have blog friends like you to share our joy and sorrow with.


  6. How fantastic that you got to meet - must have been great and weird at the same time! :-)

  7. Ohh that's marvellous Kris 40 years (that's my age :))) How fab, and what a reunion. Happy Monday xxx

  8. Kris: This reminds me of a visit I had just last December from one of the two women I lived with after college. We shared an apt. in New York, then one by one we migrated out to San Francisco. Oh, the times we had!!! Anyway, one of them came to visit for 2 days and it was just so comfortable and nice. I'm very glad her husband didn't come (!) as we had lots to talk about, as you well know. Life goes by so fast that we have to really take time to do these things...


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