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Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter Everyone


Hope all of you are having an enjoyable spring.  I've been busy planting flowers and awaiting a shipment of Ranunculus bulbs to plant.  I ordered some 20 pink and 20 white and they came today all the way from The Netherlands so I will be planting them tomorrow in groupings.  In case you are unfamiliar with Ranunculus I found this lovely image via Google to show you what they look like.  If I plant them now they will flower in late May and June (hopefully, if I do everything right).

Aren't they gorgeous!
We purchased some bird feed and have been enjoying the native birds of Florida that visit to feed.  My, I've seen such gorgeous birds.  Try as I might,  it is hard to capture them in photos because as soon as I see them from my kitchen window, grab my camera, open my kitchen back door ever so quietly, aim my camera they have already flown away.  Anyway, husband has done a marvelous job of getting a few snaps of some of them and I might add very good shots!  I've a few to share with you.

Mr. Blue Jay is a regular feeder now and I have just noticed Cardinals and Yellow Finches too.

This lil guy is hard to capture and husband was able to get him from behind.  HAH!  It is a woodpecker!  Such a beautiful bird.
Did you know that Yellow Finches (tiny birds with a bright yellow breast) lose the bright yellow color in the summer? Yep, you wouldn't know what type of bird you were looking at except for a bit of yellow still in-between their wings.

It rained all of last night and all day today and when all is said and done we were to be blessed with  2-4 inches of rain before it stops tonight but tomorrow and Easter Sunday will be glorious and sunny!

I want to wish all of you a very wonderful and happy Easter and if you have kids or grandkids, watch out for the candy that will be calling your name!  Hah.


  1. Those flowers will look gorgeous in your garden - and such pretty birdies! :-)

  2. Kris,
    Your husband certainly got some good shots of the blue jay. I see them around here too, and always try to get a picture of them. Sometimes they are from a distance, but I have a zoom-in lens that's amazing, so I capture these little guys. I didn't know this bit of info. about the yellow finches, how interesting. Your Ranunculus bulbs are gorgeous, and I would love to see them blooming in May or June.

    I loved your post today, as bird watching and taking pictures of them is one of my favorite things to do. Happy Easter, Kris. I hope your day is filled with so much love.


  3. Hi Kris, thank you so much for your very warm wishes. I am really glad. Yes, you are right, too much eggs will take my cholesterol levels higher and chocolate candy make hip wider. *LOL*
    In this way I also want to wish you and your family A VERY WONDERFUL AND HAPPY EASTER.


  4. How exciting that you're planting some new flowers! It's so much fun watching things bloom. I have a little pot of something or other that I got at Big Lots for $3, it's sprouting like crazy but I can't remember what type of flower it is so I'll have to wait and see:) My Hydrangea's are doing well...if I cut a bunch off will they re-grow?

    It's our anniversary today so we're going to get my mini rose bush a bit later then going out for dinner at a Southern food restaurant:) Happy Anniversary to you also! Think it was yesterday right?

    I love the birds here also. My youngest son is really into birds, he can identify almost anything and knows so much about them. He's working on getting his falconry license, quite a long process but I'm proud of him!

    Have a wonderful Easter Kris!!! Hugs:)

  5. Hi Kris
    Those ranuculus (is that how you spell it ???) will be beautiful !!! Lucky you - way to hot for me to try and grow them here ... Good birdwatching too! Very pretty ♥

  6. I missed this post somehow so I'm here a bit late!
    Hope you had a very Happy Easter. I'm still munching my way through chocs!
    I love Ranunculus ... they are the prettiest flowers.
    I wish we had more interesting birds come to our bird table. We put out lots of tasty treats but never get anything other than Starlings, Doves and Pigeons!
    M xx


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