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Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Sneak Peek

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick update on the progress I've made in stripping my kitchen table base and chairs.  I have just finished stripping the table base and tomorrow husband will sand.  On Monday I will paint the last it. All four chairs are stripped, sanded and painted.  I must say that I thought stripping the chair legs and the lattice back of the chairs was the worst part of the stripping but I was was definitely the table base and the table legs.  The table legs are rounded with grooves that go around each leg three times. Try as I might, I could not get all the paint out in between those grooves.  Husband will have to use the handy dandy hand tool that is small and has attachments to get in to those hard to sand areas.  I worked tirelessly for 7 1/2 hours today to finish.  I'm pooped!  I'm headed to the tub to soak these tired old and achy bones.  LOL

Here are a few photos of the chairs finished:

(3) of the (4) chairs

The Lattice Back

The legs (I personally love the curve in the legs of these chairs!!)

Side view
So, there you have it!  I will post the finished photos of the table base with the chairs Tuesday or Wednesday.  Stay tuned for the big reveal!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. :-)


  1. Kris,
    You have transformed some ordinary chairs to these pretty white chairs! I like the material that you used for the padding. This is quite a project, and you have done a great and husband.

    Have a relaxing weekend. I'm sure you are in much need of rest now.


  2. They have a beautiful back (is that what it´s called?), such a nice pattern! Looks great all over! :-)

  3. Hi Kris, you and your husband have done a great job! The result is very impressive and I like it very much. The grey colour of the padding fits really well with the white colour. I believe you are really tired after all, but hope you are doing better now. :-)
    Starting today the evening will be getting dark earlier over here.:-( The Winter time has began. The clocks in Europe are put back one hour on end of October and end on end of March where the daylight saving time began when clocks moved forward one hour.
    So starting today the terrible dark time will begin over here. Gosh, I wish, I could be there in the place where sun is shining and warm.. :-)
    Have a nice weekend and take care, dear friend :-)

  4. Wowsers Kris, they look gorgeous!!! You would pay a fortune to buy them already looking like that! Your hard work has paid off:) It always amazes me how sore I am after a big painting project, makes you realize how many muscles we don't use on a daily basis. Can't wait to see your table!

    I hope you're having some nice weather. It has been absolutely gorgeous here! Breezy, in the 70's, no need for the A/C the past few days but I've heard it's heading back up later this week:(

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