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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Purple and Gold Tones

I have just found a new blog called Zsa Zsa Belliagio ( at least it's new to me) and I love it.  You can visit here:  She has the most gorgeous images in all areas of fashion, decor, and food. I spent some time yesterday visiting her new and older posts. If you have a few minutes to spare, you won't be disappointed!   Today, I am showing some images in a purple/grey collage and gold tones in the second one.  Enjoy!

Images via ~ Purple dining room ~, Fleur ~, Yarn ~, Bread ~ elorablue

images via ~ candle cups,~dutch one, room setting ~ moody hues, dress ~ Pinterest ~Originally pinned Inge Falappino, rolled papers ~ Misha64
How do you feel about the color purple?


  1. Thanks for the tip - always nice to see lovely blogs!

  2. gorgeous pics Kris. i don’t know zsa zsa but i already love the name. i am off to see her now!
    i think purple is actually a very healing colour...

  3. Kris-- the colors and photos are gorgeous--/ I totally love the purple and gray tones!

  4. Marvelous, love purple, it's so royal and relaxing to me and mixed with gold gives it a very rich feel :)) x

  5. I can almost smell those purple flowers ... they are beautiful :)


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