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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Candlestick Re-Do

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you my recent re-do.  I forgot to take a before photo but found a photo that was taken of my candlestick holder before I painted it.

Here is the photo before:

Candlestick holder in distressed white
As you can see by the photo the candlestick is an off white and very distressed looking.  I decided to spruce it up with a bit of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue.

Painted With Annie Sloan Chalk Pain in Duck Egg Blue
I gave this candlestick holder three coats of ASCP and a good sanding after it dried.  I used a ASCP clear wax and left it overnight before I buffed it out.  I think it turned out beautiful.  You can still see a bit of the distressed crackle finish if you look closely.

Finished Product

This was a fun and easy re-do.  I think it turned out nice and adds a pop of color.
I have to say, that this paint is so easy to use and is not limited to wood.  It can be used on many items including metal (I painted a lid on a jar I had).  It goes a long way too.  :)

Well, this is my entry to this week's Dedicated House, Make It Pretty Monday.


  1. Love it!! I love candle sticks and DIY projects. I like that you can still see some distressing through the paint as well :))) Plus blue is always good in my books :)) Have a super Monday x

  2. This came out really sweet Kris :) and it is a great way to add a pop of color:)I know blue is your favorite color ... I bet your loven it:)

  3. You clever girl! I have repainted many an old thing around this house too but never with chalk paint and wax!

  4. Nice blue colour!

  5. Love the colour - so fresh. i always 'upcycle' my old stuff - gives it a whole new lease of life :))


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