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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Things That Make Me Want To Go Humm...

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I was just sitting here thinking about a few of the little things that I see that cause me to wonder why?  You know, those pesky little things that you see that can cause you to pause, reflect and wonder what is going on.

Like...when leaving a comment on a blog that has one of those codes that you are supposed to type in to prove you aren't a robot.  I must be the only person on the planet who has to try three times before I get it right.  I wondered who came up with the idea and for what purpose?

Or....While at the gym (using my peripheral vision) I see people getting on a treadmill right next to me, some with socks and no shoes on and some without any socks or shoes on proceed to  run or walk on it?  Whatever are they thinking?  Doesn't that hurt their feet? Aren't they afraid if they are running barefoot that they will fall or hurt the bottoms of their feet?

Or how about...the mystery sales ladies who appear when you first enter the store, ask if you are being helped, need help or are looking for anything special?   When you tell them you are just looking, they smile and tell you to let them know when you need something and when you finally figure out you can use some help, they mysteriously disappear and you can't find anyone around.(This happens all the time)

How about when you have an appointment, you arrive on time, sign in and look up to see people who arrived after you called as next in line after you have been sitting there 45 minutes later?

How about you...what quirky things make you go humm?


  1. I LOVE your post! You are one of my favorite to follow. I will admit I'm a little envious that you have your FB, Etsy and now Blog all connected together. I've got my FB pretty well started, working on Etsy. Money is an issue for me right now. Soon as in this month Etsy will be up and runing. Now, the BLOG may be awhile. You are doing wonderful and I support you 100%. It's always a feelgood thing with you.

  2. oh Kris I certainly wonder who is the clever one who created this joke about prove you are not a robot.. and no you are not the only one who must try three times...

  3. Oh my gosh, Kris, are we kindred spirits or what? The Sales Ladies thing happens to me all the time. I was just noticing that the other day. I don't like those little codes that we have to type in either. Most of the time, I'll get it right, but someimes I can't even make out the numbers, and it's so frustrating. Or how about at restaurants when they call someone else's name that showed up after you? This is such a fun post, and it made me chuckle, as sometimes you think to yourself, "am I the only one this happens to?" Have a good week, my kindred friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. I definitely must be a robot, because it takes me several tries before I get it right. lol. Wishing you a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn

  5. I am n.o.d.d.i.n.g to all of the above - the blog comments being the most irritating of them all (i feel like not leaving a comment when that happens - but then I have already written the whole thing:)
    - or no wait maybe that's the shop assistant thing.
    Brilliant post Kris, have a great day - Ax

  6. I am with you ! and especially hate the robot stuff
    hope mine does not do that when commenting .
    guess I would know if it did
    but seriously, I have to push myself not to avoid those blogs ...

  7. The robot thingy makes me want to scream. I think it was dreamt up by a person who hates bloggers. As for pushy shop assistants grrrrr.

  8. I can only say that it's not just you who try to write three times (sometimes more than three)those codes that prove you're not a robot. Have a nice day!:)

  9. People sitting naked in the sauna with no towel under them. This may sound mean-women who wear things that are too young for them.

  10. i’m with you on all of these Kris! and don’t worry i too have to try 3 times before getting the codes right!! hilarious!


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