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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Change in the Wind...

I've been thinking lately about changing the direction of my blog.  That's not to say that I dislike the way it has progressed because it chugs along every week with different topics on one thing or another sort of like a hummingbird that flits around the feeder and never really stops moving.

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I love visiting blogs where people write about their passion.  You can always tell where a person's heart is by what they write about and the images they post.  It is like taking a peek into someone's soul.

It has become harder for me to come up with inspiring posts about decorating, fashion, and make-up and while I have plenty of these posts in my archives non of these compare with those of you have made these topics your life's work.  Those of you who have studied design and thrive on the architecture, placement, and the design of a certain period or style, or those of you in the fashion industry who know the right kind of scarf, shoes, dresses, tops, and jackets to wear with what and of course those of you who re-design, re-work, paint and work with antiques.  All of you are nothing short of inspirational and your creativity comes out in your work.  This is where I fall short because it is not where my passions lay.

My passions lay in social issues and my writing pushes me in that direction.  Life for me is about the children who through no efforts of their own, go hungry or lack the opportunities that are often not afforded to them, the working poor who try to get ahead and somehow always fall short and the homeless.... people who are sometimes looked upon as the throwaways, the ones that have chosen a life on the streets because it seems a safer bet than the shelters offered to them.  This is where my soul takes me...writing about these issues brings out what makes my soul sad, these issues that lay beneath the surface of everyday life, the ones we seldom talk about or want to address.

So, my posts will be taking a turn with posts about inspirational topics and stories... and who doesn't like a good story!  Just like those of you who inspire me with your interior design, fashion, antique, d-i-y and beauty posts, I hope these articles give you cause for pause in your busy days.  That's not to say, you won't see fun and light-hearted posts and the occasional craft or design post to shake things up a bit too but is my hope, that I can through my writing on these topics, shed some light upon and bring some inspiration and hope to those who might somehow feel deserted and left behind.

I hope you will continue to visit and leave comments because I always love to hear what you have to say and your personal views as it relates to the topics I write about.  So, on to the New Year!

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  1. Kris, I have to admit I have enjoyed all your posts be they fashion, diy, design etc. Also your personal insights into other things and your personal kindness in your contact with me. I can understand that you feel the need for a different direction. I worked for the Local Authority in the UK helping homeless families and young people with accommodation for 17 years and it is a huge social issue that is not getting better. I look forward to your postings.

  2. Kris, now you make me feel guilty that my blog is too superficial...
    i agree with you though it is always best to go with your passion - that alone will draw a crowd of its own.
    i certainly look forward to reading about things that matter most in this world...
    xo sandra

  3. I'm very excited for the new direction for your blog...I too, am drawn to social issues as well... there are some days where it's all I can do to post a comment for yet another excessive/consumption oriented post about buying overpriced stuff when there are people who really are in need of basics like food and a safe place...
    yes! I will be reading your blog still and happily cheering your new voice!

  4. Can't to hear the stories that you bring us. I'll definitely be reading!

  5. Follow your heart Kris. I'll always return to check in.

  6. I really look forward to your new direction Kris. there is nothing that shines through more than someone who is passionate about a subject. Go Girl xxxx

  7. Kris, you are right to follow your passions, and the direction of your blog will be interesting to follow. Congratulations on a fresh start to a new year, mon amie!


  8. Kris, what a wonderful idea. I too will be thrilled to hear what you have to say and happy to pause from the sometimes artificial world of design. My love to you. Mona

  9. Dear Kris,

    I read your blog, and I understand a lot of words you are writing...
    But also I don't understand not everything...and I feel this as a problem!
    Because I will understand you and what you writing,
    and some times it's different.

    My language is Dutch...and you language is whe must understand our blogwriting with little words...

    And now I understand you will follow your own heart and passion...and Kris this is wonderful!
    I like it so much when people writing with passion.
    and I say always...follow your dreams...
    And now I think this is what you means...and this is beautiful.

    Kris I will thank you for your kind and sweet words on my blog...I find in you a "blogsister"

    I working very hard and I am very busy...and I wil tell you, visit other blogs will be much less because I'm too busy right now..
    I hope you can understand this Kris..

    I wishing you a lot of happinessssssssssssssssss...

  10. Follow your heart and it will all be good. :-)

  11. i think this is wonderful Kris!
    ... but still i hope you`ll have some posts about your craft work and your shop- otherwise i`d have to move your blog from crafters to philosophers soon ; )

    love to you dear friend xo xo xo

  12. such a nice direction for the new year, kris. i will eagerly follow your posts. i love that our blogs are ultimately space for us to fill. there are not rules. nothing to say you have to write about a certain topic or in a certain way.
    so let it fly, my friend, and i will read!!!!

  13. Looking forward to it ...
    There are so many topics, like your most recent post on Domestic Violence, that need a voice to raise the awareness of the importance of dealing with these issues. M x


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