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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lets go shopping...

Well, if we can't be in Paris we can sure dream about it...sigh.  I thought it would be fun to go shopping for evening wear or perhaps we should just spend an afternoon browsing for that right outfit for casual wear.  Which would you prefer?
Gorgeous Dress...but not for me...I don't have the legs for this!

Sophisticated, non?

What Every Party Girl Needs...and it's all laid out for you!

Simple and chic

How about this for daywear?  Love the bag!

This has smart casual written all over it!
Well, all that walking and browsing has made me a bit about....

Stopping here?

For one of these?
Annnddd a whole lot of these!
Before we decide to go here....

To Rest our Feet!

I hope you enjoyed our little shopping trip and found something that you liked.  I don't know about you, but I was ready for the sofa!

~All images from Pinterest and Google~


  1. I want to come with you Kris, you have such good taste. I only live 65 minutes by train to Paris on the TGV but have no one to go with! Steve hates cities and who can shop with a man? Maybe one day you will come to France and we can go.

  2. i love that sophisticated long dress... and the macaroons of course ; )

  3. Love that silver dress! I dont have much use for evening wear, but I definitely like a good casual day dress!

  4. oh Kris,
    you and I are on the same wavelength for the apparel you've selected as I would have pic something very similar!!..
    tres chic..

  5. Dearest Kris,
    I love all of these apparel...and of course the macarons, too.
    Have a good day!
    Warm regards,

  6. I see a lot I like. I could kick back on that sofa and have a few macaroons.

  7. Lovely post - I love the daywear outfit - I agree the bag is gorgeous. I would love to be eating macaroons right now!

  8. Fabulous. What gorgeous dresses, in wonderful shades. Perching on the sofa in a ladylike fashion eating Laduree macaroons - bliss.

  9. O-M-G!! Those dresses are absolutely gorgeous!! I sooo want to go back to Paris. Its just such a magical place. xx

  10. Beautiful post - love every single piece! :-)

    It was so funny, I was just writing a post when your comment poped up - I love when that happens! :-)

  11. what a great post!
    i must confess i am dreaming of getting that first dress, loving the pant outfit with the gorgeous bag, but you know what?
    i ‘ll settle for a coffee with a friend!! xo sandra

  12. Let's go go go!!

    I really love the sofa, actually I love every single bit of it!

    X's and O's



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