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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Bit of Christmas

Well, after procrastinating as long as I could I D-R-A-G-G-E-D down all of the Christmas crates and finally got motivated to put up our tree minus a few things I am still searching for i.e. my tree topper and my santos for Joseph to complete my manger scene.  Hopefully, I will find it before Christmas is over.

All decorated except for my tree topper and Joseph to my Manger scene?  Things don't look right without my tree topper and what is a Manger scene without Joseph?

One of my handmade French Ornaments

A Handmade Ornament From a Friend for Our Departed Dog, Josie .  She is always with us in spirit.

One Of My Favorite Radco Ornaments.  Always So Colorful And Lifelike.
Console Table.  I Still Need to Tack Up the Mirrored Crosses

Josh and Bella's Favorite,  Wind-up Snow Globe...Santa Actually Looks  Like  He is Working In His Toy Shop When It Is Wound Up.

A Small Mercury Glass Votive With Holly And Lights
I still have some tweaking to do before it is all completed.  But the biggest portion of it is completed.  Now, if I could only find my tree topper and Joseph...sigh.
Are you finished with your holiday decorations?


  1. oh what a pretty tree!! and I hope you find your missing pieces to complete your Christmas decorating.. :)

  2. Beautiful Kris...Doesn't it feel good to have it done and sit back and enjoy...Makes me want a glass of eggnog...XO, Mona

  3. Your tree is so pretty Kris. I really need to get in gear with the rest of my Christmas decor.

  4. its beautiful Kris! all of those wonderful decorative things you have and making : ) my sons bithrday is on saturday and lille M insisted we need to decorate the house... otherwise i am very late ... mu mother says : yes! you decorate the day before and take everything down the day after!!! LoL
    thats of course not true... but very close ; )

  5. Not quite! I had better hurry as we will be taking it all down before I finish - eek!

    The table decor with the crosses is lovely... best of luck in finding Joseph!


  6. Oh no, I wonder what became of Joseph? :)

    Kris, it sounds like you are ready for Christmas. I'm one of those who likes to wait for the last minute.

    Have a great day, Cindy

  7. It looks so pretty! :-)

    I'm finished with everything but the tree, it's out tradition to bring it home just a couple of days before Christmas eve (which we celebrate December 24:th in Sweden). I'm looking forward to the tree! :-)

  8. how divine! i put up my tree too last week end, but i am not as ready as you are with all the gift under the tree!!
    xo sandra

  9. Oh no! I hope Joseph turns up and the tree topper too!! .. The tree and inside decorations are up .. and most gifts even wrapped and tucked under the tree. The Mr. is waiting for it to get colder outside before finishing things off (LOL)... and now its on to Christmas cookie baking!!! Happy Monday..xo HHL

  10. Pretty.. Pretty... your ornaments are just wonderful! Where could Joseph be? Do you think he and the topper are together somewhere just hangin' out?

    My poor tree is still in the husband is allergic to pine so no real tree for me...I miss the adventure of picking out a tree!


  11. Dear Kris,
    in Germany we put up the Xmas tree on Christmaseve!

    So I have still time to prepare everything!

    ♥ Franka


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