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Monday, October 17, 2011

It's That Time Of The Year

After a long hot and dry summer, it's nice to start thinking about snuggling up around a fireplace not only for the heat but for the ambiance as well. There is something hypnotic about watching a fire burning in a fireplace.  I love the thought of drinking some hot cocoa, wrapped in a cozy throw with a good book.


Okay, now we're getting close

Sometimes, I like to just watch it, and listen to the crackling of the logs.  Whatever your reasons are, I found some beautiful fireplaces that I thought you might like looking at.  All photos are from Pinterest.

This is my favorite!

What do you find most enjoyable about a warm, cozy fire?  Which one is your favorite?


  1. I like the first one most!

    Yes you are right - it's so cosy to sit near the fireplace when it's windy and rainy outside!
    (and the dog beside me)

    ♥ Franka

  2. Dear Kris,
    indeed it's really cosy to take place near the fire place and read a nice book or just snuggling up with a cup of hot tea. Now, I start thinking and dreaming about a nice fire place like your favourite fire place on the 6. picture. I still don't have it.
    Have a nice day.
    Warm regards,

  3. Oh Kris you have really hit the yearn button, when we went on our hols we had a log burning stove, it was absolute bliss, the smell of the wood smoke and the crackle of the logs was so lovely. We would need major work to have one here, we haven't got a chimney! I think I am going to have to rely on some gentle candlelight to create a glow in our sitting room. Hot chocolate mmm yum. I haven't had any for ages, about time I did. You need a wool throw, there is something so special about the feel of wool, it is like a hug...and yes it would be no 6 for me too, what book are we reading? I have just started re-reading Jane Eyre. I haven't picked it up for years. I must go and visit Haworth. I feel a Bronte winter coming on.

  4. we have both at home.a fireplace and a stove. but we usually use the stove... its by the kitchen where we mostly are... its cozy anyway.
    and my favorite is the one that your favorite too... there is something about wood craft that makes me feel so good : )

  5. Susan,

    I am reading a book about Jackie Kennedy the wife of John F.Kennedy (one of our Presidents) who was assassinated when I was in the 4th grade. These interviews took place 4 months after his death. It came with 8 audio tapes and the book. It has been very interesting!

  6. oh i wish i had a fireplace...since everyone seems to settle for your favorite i’d be happy with picture 3. can i have it :) :)
    xo sandra

  7. I love this time of year. Curling up with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate is one of my favorite things to do. I simply must have a fireplace in my next home. These are all beautiful in their own right, but that one with the chunky beams is pretty cool.

  8. I'm so into fireplaces right now as it's pretty cool here in the North Country...and I think they look fabulous...and I love having a hot beverage and a magazine while enjoying the warmth and light from a fireplace too...

  9. The big rock fireplace and a good book!

  10. Hi Kris, I totally love the one with the large wood beams but I like the last one also I just love that stone look. I'm like Rosemary I need a fireplace in my next home. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving encouraging words. I appreciate it a lot. Peggy

  11. Lovely fireplaces, lovely throws...and *lovely* cocoa! We had our first cool day today which had me in my closed-toed flats, a sweater and leather jacket late in the day. Autumn has arrived...time for chocolat chaud!

  12. Hi Kris, choosing my favorite is difficult. Although I can't see the entire room, the last picture is probably my number one. Do you think it is limestone?

    Firelight, candlelight and sunsets have such a positive emotional impact on us. They say the reason we are so partial to incandescent lighting is that it is the same color temperature as firelight, candlelight and sunsets (about 2700 Kelvin).

    Hope you enjoy your day :)

  13. I just finished having tea with a friend this morning in front of a fireplace. We ran into each other and work and decided to grab something to drink. It was a nice break to the day.

  14. Cindy,

    I believe the fireplace you like is limestone. It is gorgeous.


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