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Saturday, October 22, 2011


I think canopies make the most dreamiest beds. They always look like they belong in a fairytale book. You know, where the princess lay awaiting her prince to kiss her so that she will awaken, marry the prince, and live happily ever after. Here are a few to take you away.....

A little bohemian

Talk about unique!

This is wear Sleeping Beauty lay.
Which bed will take you away?  Who will your prince be?

~All images from Pinterest~


  1. oh yes!! I'm all for canopies...
    I'm working on the designs for my next house and I plan to have a canopy bed..
    beautiful inspiration..

  2. Love canopies. My husband would never go for it though. I think it would be divine.

  3. no 2 looks like fun... but to be honest, i don`t think i can sleep with something like this over my head... : O )

  4. Canopies are so romantic and dreamy. You have some great examples here.

  5. Dear Kris,
    I am sorry that I didn't translate my post into english language today....I completely forgot to do it. These little feets you see on the first picture are belong to my nephew and on the second picture belong to my niece. They visited us with my sister, their mother, and stayed with us for two weeks. It was really great to spend time with them. We have done much and played much with them. Alas the time went too quickly, but I am already looking forward to see them soon.
    These canopies pictures are really inspiring, dear Kris! The 5. image is my favourite.
    Warmest greetings,

  6. Hi Kris,

    The color of the bedding in the second picture is so pretty and there is something about the last picture that I love. That type of bed (poster with rails) is so versatile. You can use the panels or not. I love to have options in design.

    regards, cindy

  7. Goodmorning dear Kris,

    This post is so beautiful!
    The second bedroom is realy amazing!
    I love that colors ..the pillows...wauw it's so beautiful!

    Thank you for you sweet comment on my blog..


  8. Hello Kris,
    I love your blog and this post about the lovely beds.
    You asked about my cards. Mail me what size you want and which card. Also mail me if you want them digital or in paper sent to you. I will give you a prize then.
    All my love

  9. I like the first two the best. I would love to have a canopy bed-my husband is not fond of them.

  10. I've never liked canopies. They are like dust collectors for me. How often do you have to clean these things?

  11. my father felt my futon on the bare floor, 'a disgrace', after i'd graduated from university. and when i found a black iron bed with rails for enclosed curtains, he gladly bought it for me. 20 years later, it's still my bed....i adore it. although the sheer white cotton curtains no longer create a little room within a room like they once did....i love canopies!!!


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