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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Galveston Island, Texas In the Gulf Of Mexico

This is the La reportiste with an article on my most recent excursion to Galveston Island, Texas. Having had the recent opportunity to visit Galveston Island, I fell in love with it. Located 50 miles south of Houston, Texas in the Gulf of Mexico, this Island offers the perfect accommodations if you love the friendliness of a small town with the amenities of a larger city.
Founded in 1836, this city has plenty of museums located in the downtown area rich in Victorian history. Bishop's Palace, Moody Mansion, Ashton Villa and Menard House just to name a few.
A dramatic Renaissance has taken place over the last three decades from funds infused privately and publicly which have gone to preserve this area which was once a cultural and economic center back to its former glory.
The Strand and surrounding streets have been revived to their former glory with tours and horse drawn carriages with which to view the beautiful and ornate Victorian architecture.
If the beach is where your heart lies, you will not be disappointed. This beach is both beautiful and peaceful. If looking for shells, the winter time is the best time as temperatures rarely dip below 50 degrees and rise to 60 degrees the months of December through February, a perfect time for picking up shells. (Which I did while visiting)

Galveston also offers The Mardi Gras which runs January through March. (depending on Lent)

So, why not kick off your sandals, don a straw hat, some sunglasses and a sand chair to sit, walk or meander leisurely along the coastline, you won't be sorry.
For more information and a wide array of beautiful photographs of the city and points of interest, visit and enjoy!

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