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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are We Havin' Fun Yet?

Take a look at these laughing kids.  They are my grandkids and are they ever having a great time.  This picture captures the spirit of being a kid again.  How many of us haven't wished or wanted to go back to the days when we didn't have a care in the world.  When we could be anybody we wanted if only for a little while.  A cowgirl (Annie Oakley) shootin' her six gun (her pretend finger gun) and riding a two x four between her legs for a horse, wading in creek beds, fishin' under bridges with cane poles feet dangling down using hot dogs for bait, ridin' your bike down the road with "no hands" havin' the sun shining in your eyes (no kiddie sunglasses for this kid) wind blowing on your face.  I could name more but you get the picture.  Oh what a sense of freedom those things brought to me when I was a young, growing up.

I believe those things have been replaced now with staying indoors, playing XBox,  watching movies and playing games on IPhones.   Not much sun and certainly no wind blowin' on the faces of kids today. I've had to ask myself why being a kid isn't fun anymore. Maybe it is but I just can't see it.  What could possibly be any better or even replace the freedom of being outdoors running, climbing trees and hanging upside down, playing in haylofts and making jump ropes out of clover?

Guess it is just another sign of me not keeping in touch with all the new modern technology.  Heck, I'm technically challenged most if not all the time anyway and figuring out the new shorthand for texting still has me so baffled that I can't begin to understand it (lmao, for example) let alone learn it.  But, I still say that kids are the ones losing out.  Whenever I tell my grandkids the things we did as kids they look at me like I'm from a different planet. They can't believe that THAT is all we did all day?  Where's the challenge in that?  Didn't you get bored?  The challenge was THAT we didn't have to have a challenge to play the way we did.  The name of the game we played was PLAY and it involved anyone who wanted to join us and getting bored wasn't in our vocabulary because someone always had an idea and once you had an idea we made it up as we went along, literally.

So, if the picture above reminds you of "havin' some fun" when you were a kid and brings you a little smile, and some reminiscing then it has made my day!  Giddy Up!


  1. Dear Kris,
    thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am so glad that you put my blog on your blog list.
    Your grandkids looks so happy. Yes...they remind me to have some fun :o))....I love this picture.
    Warm regards,


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