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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A New Website to Check-out

Hi everyone,

I have found a great website with some very cool items called Cachette, it is a French website that does ship internationally very reasonably.  You can view it here:  Cachette.  Here are a few things I think are pretty neat.

Basket with small handles

Handmade Stoneware Jug
Handmade in Provence, South of France by a Manufacturer who has been firing clay into objects since 1857.  It is a contrast between a chalky white and a glossy texture.  Because I collect creamers and jugs, this one fit in nicely with my collection so I purchased it.
Large galvanized S hooks
100% Linen Pillowcases that can be purchased in 18 different colors.
Oyster Baskets
Storage Bags in Painted Linen with three colors to choose from.
Wire Word of your Choice.
I'm thinking of getting this with letters that spell out OUI

I think this is a fun website with lots of interesting and different items to look at.

I hope everyone is staying cool in this hot humid weather.  Just walking around outside this time of year in Florida will make you sweat!  LOL


  1. I visited yesterday but clicked on the shop link and forgot to come back and comment! They do have some lovely items and you're right, not too badly priced.

    Are you still melting over there? It's been crazy hot and humid here, like walking into a wall of heat when you step outside. When Kyran gets home from work I can actually feel the heat radiating off him! I'm staying inside with the A/C!

  2. I'm off to check it out ... what you have shown here all looks 'right up my street'!
    It's been warm here but compared to your temps it's probably cold!
    M x

  3. Love that pitcher too! Off to check out the site, so thanks (for allowing me to spend more money!!!)

  4. Nice items, I like them! It´s been raining here in Sweden for a couple of days, so you can imagine I was happy when the sun returned today! :-)

  5. hi Kris ! cool ... i'm an online freak ! as you know ... shall pop over and have a peek ♥

  6. Hi Kris, I figured out how to comment, but I have to log in every time which is a hassle. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I know that many people are having trouble with comments lately. Are you having a nice summer? I really like those wire words. I think I would have one that says "grace" because I love that word. It's been hot here in California, and I'm just staying inside visiting my favorite blogs.


  7. Hey kris - love all their stuff. We saw so much of this in France this Summer the baskets are what they use for shopping at the markets - I love that. Happy weekend sweets,


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