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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Plantings...I think?

Hi everyone,

 I was eager to write a post about the hydrangeas that I planted last weekend so I took some photos of the two plants that I bought and planted (really husband was the one who actually planted them, I supervised) LOL. Anyway, they look so lovely and perky but alas it appears that we may be in for a possible frost :-( (32 degrees) tomorrow night. So, I will dutifully cover the hydrangeas and my ferns who have just started to grow new fronds to keep them from freezing.

 It was a dreary, cloudy day with intermittent rain and a good day to tackle some cleaning chores so I immersed myself in cleaning blinds and washing curtains and inside windows so that when spring does arrive for good I'll be ready to enjoy the warm, breezy, sunny weather. I hope all of you are well and if living in areas that are cold and snowy keeping busy waiting for the weather to break.

 One last thing...I thought I was going to be able to share with you a recipe for an Apple Tarte Tartin but my first experience with making one didn't turn out AT ALL. LOL It was a disaster...except for the crust which I made in my food processor, it turned out delicious. So, now that I know what I did wrong I will attempt it again or better yet, maybe I'd better stick with baking an apple cobbler. Sigh...

I hope these photos bring a bit of sun and warmth to all of you.


  1. Your Hydrangeas are beautiful ... I have never managed to grow them. We need to completely redo our garden after the total battering it has taken this winter ... a lot of plants will have to be taken out to allow the Mr to replace the broken fences too and so I may have another go with a Hydrangea when I replant.
    I often make Tarte Tatin as the Mr loves it ... let me know if you need a good recipe!
    Washing curtains and windows is a Spring cleaning job that is next on my 'to do' list after I finish painting our utility area ... yes, smallest room in the house and I'm still not finished ... just the cupboard to paint now and I'm done!
    M x

  2. Your hydrangeas are beautiful, Kris. The blue one is such a pretty color. I hope they survive the rain that is coming your way. Cleaning blinds is one of my least favorite chores to do haha.

    Have a nice weekend looking at your hydrangeas that were just planted.


  3. Wow, I didn't know Hydrangea's could grow well here in FL! We only have a lanai so everything I have out there has to be potted. Succulents do well but several other things I've tried have not done so well:(

    I'm sorry about your apple tart! Hopefully your next attempt goes better!

  4. They are gorgeous - such vivid colors! :-)

  5. Tis moi again Kristie! What are some flowering plants that you have luck with here? I find I do well with succulents but anything flowery really struggles in the heat!


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