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Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Pier Photo

With all the bad weather heading across the United States, I have to admit that I am lucky to be here in Florida.  Here is a photo taken from my neighbor's pier overlooking St. Andrews Bay. This photo was taken on Friday, a gorgeous  balmy 77 degree day after hearing from daughter that the Dallas/Ft. Worth area was in the low 30's with freezing rain and snow.  Sigh...I sure don't miss that!!  We are headed there to spend Christmas with them...I sure hope the weather is better when we head out.

This photo is for all of you who are suffering through the winter storm, Dion.  I hope it brings a bit of sunshine to your day!

Image (mine)
Hoping everyone will have a great week.  :-)


  1. I just put a post up about the weather, it is HOT here! We've got the air cranked, the ceiling fans going and I had sweat dripping off my face while doing housework this morning. I guess you're right though, it could be much worse! The 70's would be nice, just cool enough to shut the AC off and open the windows is all I want:)

  2. looks gorgeous!!! I envy you there at the beach Kris !!! Take your winter woolies to your daughter's place! eek! We'll be roasting back here in Australia ... xx

  3. Ah, that looks like heaven to me! I don´t mind snow over Christmas, but if I got to decide all of it would be gone the week after and the sun would be warming again..! :-D

  4. This is such a nice picture, Kris. It is VERY cold here in California, but I love the wintery weather at Christmas time. It even snowed very lightly just for a few minutes this weekend.

    Enjoy the season!


  5. Hi Kristi, First time visiting and newest follower. This is such pretty photograph. We live in the PNW where we get a mix of weather that includes snow and ice in the foothills. It's very dark and gray this time of year.. so a glimpse of Florida is perfect! Thank you:)


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