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Monday, November 4, 2013


Hi everyone,

Last night I decided to make some bruschetta.  I have tried this recipe several times and each time I've added something extra to enhance the taste of these.  I thought I'd share it with you.  It is deLish!

Here is a photo of what I used:

1/2 loaf French Baguette bread (small) sliced 1/2" (I was able to get about 22 slices)
(3) Roma Tomatoes sliced -  22 slices  1/2" or less
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese 22 1/2" slices or less
Fresh Basil sliced ribbon style
Salt & Pepper
Garlic (I used minced garlic in olive oil)

First you slice about 1/2 loaf of a small baguette.  I got about 22 1/2" slices from it.  It pretty much fills up the cookie sheet.

Baguette sliced
I brushed each slice with a bit of olive oil, sprinkled Fleur de Sel salt and cracked pepper on each slice.

In a preheated oven of 450 degrees F, I put the sliced bread into the oven for 5 minutes until nice and toasty brown.  After removing, I placed a thin layer of minced garlic, followed by a slice of tomato and again added a sprinkle of fleur de sel and cracked pepper to each slice.  Then I added a slice of mozzarella  on top of each toasted tomato sliced bread and again sprinkled salt and pepper.  I topped each slice with a garnish of ribboned basil and a quick brush of olive oil and back into the oven for another 5 minutes.

Brushing the sliced baguette with olive oil, salt and pepper

Toasted baguette with olive oil, salt and pepper
Sliced baguette with tomato slices and salt and pepper.
Sliced baguette with added mozzarella cheese

Fresh basil, salt and pepper added to mozzarella, tomato, baguette slice

Voila!  Bruchetta
You can use fresh diced Roma tomatoes instead of whole slices and you can slice the mozzarella to have a thicker slice or you can slice it thinner.  Whatever your preference is.  I prefer a thicker slice of mozzarella.

Any way you cut it these are wonderful!  


  1. Kris,
    This Bruchetta looks so good. I don't know what I'm lovin' more - the tomatoes or the mozzarella cheese. The girls make this from time to time and they love it. I'll have to try this for the holidays. It looks easy to make.


  2. Kris,
    If you want to try this a different way, you can check out the OCTOBER 14th POST and see how the girls made this. It looks so yummy.


  3. S yummy, I love eating that! :-)

  4. Mmmmmm, cheese is always a good thing...the more, the better I say:)

  5. looking very yummy! I also made once the bruschetta, but I chopped the tomatoes and spices and put it on the grilled bread (which was oiled before)...Italian specialities are simply heaven-right' hapyp rest of the week!

  6. Hey Kris, I adore brushetta and yours looks absolutely delish indeed. Have a great day xx

  7. Kris, it looks really delicious! I love brushetta so much. I usually don't put it in the oven...just eat it raw...toasted ciabatta, tomato, mozarella, basil leaf on top of one another and sprinkle it with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper...that's all. But I think, I would also love the gratinated one... So I have to try your recipe.
    Have a great weekend, Kris and take care.

  8. Good morning! I popped over from Sheri's blog at Red Rose Alley. Your bruschetta is making my mouth water. Looks delish-the perfect weekend treat. I look forward to following your lovely blog.
    Heather @ stylemindchic

  9. fabulous !!! with Christmas coming up and parties happening, I'll have to add this one to my list !! thank you xx


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