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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The View Three Blocks From Where we Live


This is just a quick post to share with you some pics of the view down the street from where we live.  This morning we went for a walk and decided to take some pictures of St. Andrews Bay from our neighborhood.  We also spent the day working in the yard clipping heavy foliage around our fence.  We were pretty exhausted when we finished but after quick showers and a dinner of grilled Bratwurst, fresh fruit, and salad our energy returned and we took a drive down to Pier Park and strolled along the shop lined streets weaving in and out to check out  what was available.  I was looking for a wind chime but didn't find any that I liked and only ended up with a white sand dollar and a stand to put it on.

Here are a few pics for you:

A peek at St. Andrews Bay From the Street

Another Peek

This photo is a bit grainy but the sailboat was actually on its side??  We don't really know what happened.

This is a lot that is ready to have a house built on it.  How would you like to wake up to this view every morning?

This is a new house that is going up.  It has three stories.  The original house on this lot had to be torn down after Opal came through here.  This time the owner has built it up (3) stories the first level is the garage and if the water should come up and flood it won't ruin the entire house.  The living quarters will be on the second and third floors.

Another view

That's it for today....we'll see what tomorrow brings.  Hopefully, not too much brush clipping.  LOL  :-)


  1. Hi! What lovely views and surroundings you have now. I hope you are happily settled in ... take your time prettifying and making it 'you' ... enjoy the process! M xx

  2. I see you are very busy!!!

    I adore your courage to move to Florida, but it'so very nice at the seaside.
    I'm looking forward to more pics of your new home!

    ♥ Franka

  3. Kris, If I could, I surely would move to this place, too. What a beautiful place with a great view. I love to be at the seaside. Maybe oneday it will come true. *LOL*
    Currently I am still not able to do typing on the key pad well with my finger. But it is going to be better from day to day.
    Enjoy your days at your new home and make it beautifully.

  4. Kris,
    What a grand house and an amazing view of the bay. My husband would love a house with a view like this. I am glad you are settling in your new place. So much to do, isn't there? Hang in there.


  5. Loving these pics, keep them coming! :-)

  6. It looks lovely! You sure are close to the water! How long does it take to walk to it or is it right outside your door? We're about 6 miles from the beach, it is walkable but takes a couple of hours!

  7. Hello Kristie,
    I see that you are settled by now. It must be pleasant to walk bare foot on the shore.
    You said you are living in a duplex so I wonder about you clipping foliage around your fence.
    Have a nice week my friend.


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