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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Stormy and Rainy Weekend

Hello everyone,

Well here it is already Sunday evening and after a busy weekend of checking out yet another Farmers Market, shops along St. Andrews Bay, and trying out a new Mexican Restaurant I'm plum tuckered out!  Although today, I did manage to whip a pineapple upside down cake and some potato salad with (new) red potatoes from the Farmers Market.

It has stormed here since Friday night and I mean storm!!  From about 1:30 a.m. in the morning until about 5:30 a.m. we had thunder and lightening almost like a light show!  It poured and the rain blew.  Saturday the red flags were out which meant no swimming in the Gulf because of the tides and waves.  We had rain squalls all day off and on and into Saturday night and still on Sunday throughout the day.  We managed to hit the Farmers Market between rain drops and the shops along the way while we had a brief respite and the sun peeked through but not for long.

Here are a few of the pics from Saturday.  I hope you enjoy them.

The Farmers Market at Captain Anderson's Pier.  I think the rain kept a lot of the vendors and people away Saturday but the few vendors that were there had plenty of fresh produce.

The entrance to Captain Anderson's Restaurant on the Pier
A picture of the entrance to the Marina
One of three boats our Landlord owns for deep sea fishing 
Another one.
Because of the bad weather most of the deep sea fishing boats were in their slips at the Marina.
This little (or big) guy was out looking for something?
Here he is again looking for something...Can you guess what it is?
I think he thought he would find his lunch here?  LOL
We ended the day at the beach to check out an area for taking the grandkids too when they come in late August for a visit.  This is how the water looked Saturday afternoon.

A rainy and cloudy day.

Well, thats it for today.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend and hopefully you didn't have to deal with rain and storms too. :-)


  1. How beautiful your photo's are! I love the bird! I guess he found some fish? We have a Farmer's Market here at a local park every Friday, we've only gone once so far.

    It's been very cloudy here but so far, only some drizzle. We did have quite a doozy of a thunderstorm last weekend though.

  2. Such fun and interesting photos, love them! :-)

  3. We only had to deal with rain!

    What a wonderful beach!
    It's so interesting to see how you discover your new homeland.

    ♥ Franka

  4. How lucky to have moved to Florida. The bird is so cute :)

  5. Sounds like you're having great fun discovering your new neighbourhood! M x

  6. I can't believe it rained in Florida during the summer! These are lovely pictures, and that bird is very sweet. I love farmers markets too. I always bring home goodies when I go to them.

    Have a nice week.


  7. My gosh it looks amazing. I love the marina and the beach and the market looks fab. We haven't got crazy storms like yours, we just have rain - pretty much every day at the moment, and then some sun, but only around 15-17 degrees celsius (this is the height of our Summer) So yes us Scandies are going south - and as I recall there is no rain in Spain ;-)
    (Italy is later - Summer is UK & Spain with the kids :)
    Happy day - hope the sun is peeking out,

  8. Kris, I am happy to know that you are well and nothing bad has happened during the storm. I imagine how wonderful it would be to have home near the sea and take a long walk on the beach everyday like you did.:-) You are lucky, Kris! :-)
    Wishing you a great time.



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