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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No 5 Interiors

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm pretty much finished with my blog face-lift.  I still have some tweaking to do but overall I've achieved what I set out to do.  I hope you like it.  I listed all of my favorite blogs beneath my header in a separate category (no worry you are all still there) and you will find my e-mail address there too. My Google followers and Facebook like box are at the bottom of my blog instead of on the side.  I wanted the space on the sides to add inspirational quotes and pictures.  So, there you have it!

I recently sold some of my hand stenciled No.5 tea towels to a shop in England, No.5 Interiors.  Imagine my surprise when I saw one of them hanging over a chair in the picture below (behind the bunny)!

My No.5 Tea Towel draped over a chair in No 5's shop

Here is an article take from the website on the shop.  You can read more and see what's available here: No 5 Interiors .

No. 5 Interiors is a boutique furniture and interiors shop specialising in selling old and antique  pieces of furniture painted and unpainted ,sourced directly from suppliers in France, Holland  and Eastern  Europe.   Situated in Dorking’s renowned West Street – No 5 Interiors source the furniture from their suppliers whether its in the unpainted or an original painted finish, we then pass it onto our restorer if it needs it, whether it's a wobble or a broken hinge, we will ensure you are getting a quality piece of furniture.
We are busy painting and re-decorating the interior to No 5 at the moment as this is the start to a new year and new adventures , so if you're passing pop in, you will always get a warm welcome .We are getting new pieces of furniture straight in either from France or Hungary delivered directly to us here in Dorking on a weekly basis ,so our stock is ever changing
Wardrobes and cupboards from Hungary, armoires and dressers from France and very decorative  Dutch pine cabinets with glass and chicken wire, some painted and some in stripped pine.
We also stock very nice and unique looking French vitrines with glazed cabinet doors with applied gold graphics.
We source large family tables ideal for family and friend get togethers, as the kitchen table is the heart of the home we want to ensure that you are getting the best, whether it is a bespoke one made by our cabinet maker using reclaimed period pine joists or whether it's a french farmhouse table straight off the boat from the south of France, you will have a table that your friends and family will love .
We have an in-shop wish list where customers will ask for specific pieces, and we can then on our travels accommodate this .
We use reliable and conscientious couriers who will deliver all over the UK and London on a daily and weekly basis please ask and we will get a very competitive quote for delivery.
No. 5 Interiors also supply handmade bespoke furniture made to your own requirements from reclaimed timber that are antique in their own right. We use a local craftsman and antique restorer who ensures all the furniture is in good solid condition before it comes into the shop. Also, part of the team at  No. 5 are a family run business of furniture makers based in Cambridgeshire where they make pieces of furniture from reclaimed timber from a workshop in a village where their family have been making furniture for the last 100 years.  Tables, chairs,  and kitchen islands to name a few .
We are always looking for like minded artisans who can contribute to this adventure, so if you're reading this and fancy joining us please give us a call or pop in .
No. 5 Interiors is the creation of two like minded friends who between them have over 40 years experience of buying and sourcing the individual, unique bespoke pieces that we all like to own:
“We want to offer our customers the chance to own the kind of pieces they look at in magazines or they have grown up with at affordable prices ,we buy furniture from all over England, France and Europe and are competitive in the prices that we sell at.  We use reclaimed timber and upcycle old and previously used items.  Scottish whiskey barrels are dismantled, painted or polished and are transformed into coat peg rails or t-light holders and you can still smell the whiskey an ideal and unique gift for any occasion.
We are also going to be having soft furnishings with hand made cushions with French and country inspired fabric and design.
Our upholsterer will be busy providing us with quality upholstered chairs .
Our aim is to provide you furniture and furnishings to enhance any room in your home .
We use the popular brands of paint and undertake commissions whether big or small.
They will also be opening a website called Shabby Chic Country Living. Be sure to check out the link above...there are really some lovely pieces.  :)


  1. Your blog looks fantastic Kris! I love how it's all white and simple, very organized.

    That is very exciting that your towels are being sold in England! Wow, what an honor and seeing it in that beautiful photo!!! Congratulations!

  2. That is so cool, Kris, that your towels are being sold in the No. 5 Interiors shop in England. I wonder if the girls went there when they visited England. I will have to ask them. Your new blog design is very nice, and it is filled with simplicity and beauty. I am so happy for you, my friend, about the tea towels.....such exciting news!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. That is really a great news! Congratulation, Kris, that your towels is being sold in the No5 Interior shop in! I can imagine how happy you are. And I am very happy for you, Kris!. I wish you for the future that your success may continue!
    Many hughs,

  4. Well done Kris - I´m far from done with my new blog but maybe I´ll get going now when I see how lovely yours is! :-)

  5. Cngratulations on your no5 sale Kris! How exciting thing is! and well deserved!
    Everythoing looks wonderful in here

    lots of love always

  6. Hi doll, I think the blog lift looks wonderful!! And even bigger congrats on the no5 sale!! That is so cool :))) Am very pleased for you, very well deserved!! I hope you are having a gorgeous week & will continue to as well :) xoxo

  7. Woo hoo, congrats on the No 5 sales. Let's hope you get many more!
    Love the new look.
    M xx

  8. OHH Kris, congrats on the fab new look on the blog and on the sale of the No5 towels - the shop looks fab:) Hope you have a lovely day :)

  9. Kristie, I am so thrilled for you. What changes you have made and your blog is quite lovely. No.5 towels are a hit!

    My knitting just stares back at me... I need to put some time on it.


  10. That is something to be very proud about. Congratulations to you.

  11. Congratulations!! This is very neat indeed!!


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