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Monday, September 17, 2012

A bouquet just for you! ♥

Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment, of these, if you but remain true to them your world will at last be built.

Quote source ~ As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

Great tune...enjoy!


  1. I agree :)) Reap what you sew kind of thing. Put your love into the deeper things and truer things in life, like family and not into material things as they are fleeting. Beautiful, I loved it :)) I hope your day has gone well so far. Mine has been good, it's 7:19pm here now and still pouring outside. But, I kind of like it :) Enjoy the rest of your day!! xx

  2. Kris,
    Thank you for the sentiment - we all need more lovely thoughts in our day. The video had a good sound to it. Thank you for sharing it. Have a good week.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Lovely words and fit the photo so well! :-)

  4. I hope that you have a bright bouquet of flowers in your home. What appropriate words for the photo.

  5. Kris, this is a wonderful post! Thank you for giving this beautiful image and this beautiful song. I love it!
    I hope, you're well and have a very nice time. Slowly but steady it gets autumnally over here. The temperatur noticeably drops sometimes until 10°C. The day is getting light later and dark earlier and the heating is back on now. Oh my, I am really nostalgic for the summer. :)
    Warm regards,

  6. lovely flowers and song. Thank you so much for sharing. xo

  7. Beautiful quote, flowers and music Kris!

  8. hey I just got today a huge sunflower bouquet! thanks for this lovely song+beautiful pic! happy weekend from me+tulipland...

  9. Kristie,

    Gorgeous flowers and beautiful song.


    P.S. I'm catching up to my favorite blogs :)


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