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Monday, July 23, 2012

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

I was visiting a favorite blog of mine the other day and the post was about how people judged the inside of her house by what the outside looked like.  That statement led me to think about how we view people and things by their outward appearance.  I'm sure you have driven by a house that was very dilapidated looking from the outside and made a judgment about what the inside must look like.  We all do it...not even thinking that our views are jaded by what we see externally.  The same concept can be applied to the way we view people we see walking on the street, in stores and restaurants making assumptions based on the clothes they wear and the color of their skin and how they behave.  It's interesting to me that we do this without consciously being aware of it.

What does a person you see walking on the street that is wearing tattered and dirty clothes and seems distracted tell you?  Or, a child in a restaurant who is acting out with parents who are obviously trying to control him/her and can't?  What about the lady who is wearing clothes that are very revealing and inappropriate?  The teenager or adult who has piercings and tattoos all over their bodies?  The person who is happy go lucky and eager to meet people in an upscale social setting?  A person severely overweight?

I ask these questions because if we can become more aware of our thoughts and feelings we can control not only how we view outward situations and external houses but the way we look at the internal way we view ourselves and our fellow Americans.  No one deserves to be judged based on their outward appearance.  By closing your mind based on the way things look to you on the outside you put yourself in a box and miss out on opportunities to learn something new, find common ground in a cause or make a new friend.  People who are prejudiced and biased aren't born that way, it is a learned personality trait that you can change and in doing so change the way you view yourself too.

Too often people are quick to judge the person who is overweight and on needy family relief by saying they are obese, lazy, and don't want to work, the person who is wearing clothes that are too tight as trashy, the teen or adult who has piercings and tattoos as a hoodlum, the happy go lucky person as strange and out of their element in a circle of people who think they are better because of the money they have.  I have to ask, what do you think people think of you?


  1. In France, we have a proverb : "l'habit ne fait pas le moine" the equivalent of your Never judge a book by its cover.
    Although our society has its code of way of living we must be indulgent for those who cannot enter "into the mold" our mold in fact. Maybe other people think we are not fitted to enter in their own mold.
    I do not know if I made me clear, I am afraid not.
    Thank you Kris for stopping by my blog and for your comments. :o)

  2. Wise words my friend!

    I hope you're having a wonderful summer. My gosh, you have got some of the cutest grandkids ever!!! That baby's eyes always distract me when I visit, so absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. I want to be judged by my kindness to others and not by my possessions. How important it is not to pre-judge others based on appearances. This is a lesson we taught our children and it remains today one that we need to consider ourselves.

    I need reminding...


  4. Brilliant! We do judge others so much by the dumbest things. One's appearance shouldn't matter. I rather be known for being nice than what I look like. I was born with cerebral palsy in my legs and had to have three surgeries to help improve my legs and people would make fun of me badly and think I wasn't smart 0 thinking it affected my brain as well - shows how bright they were in the first place as it's a physical thing and doesn't affect my intelligence. But, all the hurtful teasing taught me a great lesson, that though I had rough times walking ( I had to learn more than 3 times to walk as a child/teenager due to surgeries) there were and are people who will never walk or have it far worse than me, so I must remember to count my blessings and be thankful. I try and teach my children that now!! I love posts like this - makes one think :) Thank you for the sweet comment, too kind!! xxx

  5. hello Kris! loved this one. Gosh it’s hard to answer that question.. i have no idea, but hopefully it’s nice :)
    hope you are well,

  6. yes, a brilliant posting !
    what amazes me always is that research has shown that job interviewers judge in the first seconds someone's abilities and character !!
    hopefully many many read your post !

  7. This is an amazing post, Kris. I think everyone should see this.

    And to answer your question, I have a friend who said that when he first saw me, I came across as reserved, guarded, not so friendly. Later, he told me that when he got to know me, I was the sweetest thing. This goes to show you that the story you just wrote about speaks the truth. My appearance and the real me were two different things.

    Thank you for reminding us to look farther than what we see on the outside.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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