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Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Of My Favorite Things

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday. Today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things.  Sometimes it's the small things that bring a smile to my face, things I already have that I've rearranged or items that I have stored away that I bring out that seem new to me.  I'm not a photographer, but I did take a few photos of things that I love and that can make a simple but large statement when decorating a room or shelf.

Vanilla Candles ~ The sweet angel a gift from husband from Europe many years ago.
Ceramic Shell on a cigar box covered with music paper
Pale blue shabby chic frame with a photo of Coco Chanel  (I'm the figure snapping the photo in the background HA)
Grey/blue metal letters spelling Paris From Lisa at Burlap and Bees
Ornament with antique fabrics from ~ Jo Farmer at Eliza's Interiors ( and En Suite sachet from ~ Sasha Smith of My French Dream (, silver hearts from ~ Kathy at Vintageweave ( purchased several years ago, and a framable photo also from Sacha of My French Dream  
Antique Mother-Of-Pearl buttons
German Glass glitter Paris sign since turned mottled grey/blue and glassware
Textiles ~ My Favorite
And a selection of some of my favorite books!
Most of these items didn't come with an expensive price tag and they don't have to because they all speak to my soul. Some are handmade, some a bit worn and a bit frayed, but most importantly these items are very much loved.  How about you?  What are your favorite things?


  1. Wonderful blog Kristie. Alsways a treat to see what others like... Thanks so much for the lovely mention

    Jo x
    Eliza Interiors & Design

  2. I think these are all wonderful! I have to say my favorites though....the little angel from Europe, the cigar box with the music paper, the ceramic shell, and the silver hearts. Don't you just loved treasured items that remind us of our loved ones, and just special things that make us happy? I also have a few things that I love. This post was delightful, and I'm glad I got to see some of your beloved things.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. What a lovely collection, and I can relate. I have many collected items that bring sweet memories and none of them are costly. Perhaps my favorites are things like the Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus made of clay by little hands and kiln-fired. Jesus has a big 'ole grin across his baby face. I love hand-made books and old cards and ratty baby dolls from my childhood and Pez dispensers my daughter brought back from her study abroad program and a little heart-shaped rock that my other daughter found and wrapped for me on a Mother's Day a hundred years ago... Life would be rather empty without the remembrances and momentos of days long gone.


  4. I love all your pretty things, especially the beautiful Coco pic. As for me, I love my threadbare old monkey (a childhood friend), old books from my grandma, my parents wedding pic ... None of it is worth anything to anyone, apart from me! Hope you had a good Easter. M x

  5. you have a great collection and good taste
    as to me, I love books, paper, writing cards and all the things that are of no use anymore in digital times

  6. Kris, we share many favorite things. Ohhh I'd love to visit your home! :)

  7. I love this! It tells me so much more about you. Isn't it strange that you can learn so much about a person from the items that they hold dear.

  8. Love all of your pics! My favorite? The pics of the books. I'm a book lover as well. Love things that make us smile on the inside! Thanks, my friend, for the visit and sweet comment. Completely means the world. Wishing you a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  9. Some really beautiful and charming obsects you are sharing here Kris!
    Hope you had a lovely Easter.

    lots of love from Norway : )


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