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Monday, October 10, 2011


I am always looking for ways to display items that are near and dear to my heart and I struggle when I try to place things that I love in a grouping that doesn't look fixed but natural and simple.   I am drawn to rumpled linens in colors of stone, grey, and white, lavender buds, and old, worn, faded items and whenever I come across vignettes that have this look I like to spend time wondering about the items and the history that surrounds them.

I found some very lovely photos via e-magDECO taken by Laetitia Russetto who is the magazine founder and writer.  These photos are of a beautiful old farmhouse in Au Bend Of An Alley, a charming village near Uzes decorated by a woman named Christine that Laetitia did an article on.  I think these are gorgeous vignettes and wanted to share them with you.

Beautiful old cabinet.
The grey door with the pink ballet slippers so pretty.

I love all the cubbies for storage.
Great view from the top looking down. I love the Chandelier and floors.
I love the patina on this clock as well as the books stacked upon the cabinet.
Here are a few more vignettes from Pinterest that are really lovely as well.

I love the mirror.
Look at this beautiful grey bookshelf and all the beautiful books.

Simple Beauty
All of these vignettes are gorgeous and each have items that hold special memories.  Some perhaps, given or purchased as a memento.  Sometimes, a simple ribbon, twine, old letters, books, and pottery placed in just the right way can make a beautiful statement about the person who created them.


  1. These are gorgeous pictures. I love the huge wooden shoe form in the mirror picture and oh for a bookcase that looked that orderly and beautiful! M x

  2. i adore this style too Kris! a bit old and shabby but "in the right place" as you say....

  3. lots of pretty pics and the clock too..

  4. OMG, isn't the grey bookshelf to die for?

    Hope you are having a good start to your week!


  5. The grey bookshelf looks sublime and filled very tastefully with vintage books, where would we put all our other ones? they would have to be stored in packing cases, not the thing at all.

  6. Thank you for sharing Kris. Gorgeous and I LOVE that grey bookcase!

  7. Those photos are beautiful! I love everything!

  8. They are gorgeous vignettes. I love all the weathered pieces. Thanks for sharing.

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  10. The gray bookcase would be my first pick and the door with the pointe shoes would be close behind!

    Lovely images, mon amie!


  11. I love that book shelf. When did Baby Gemma join us? She is a cutie with those eyes.

  12. Esme,

    Baby Gemma joined our family in August of 2010. She is 14 months old now! Yes, she is a cutie and she has the biggest and brownest eyes I've ever seen!

    Thanks for your comments I really appreciate them AND I really enjoy reading your blog.



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