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Friday, September 2, 2011

Le Relais de Roquefereau

Here are some beautiful images taken by Laetitia Rissetto, the editor of the online e-magDECO magazine. This article is on the guest house, Le Relais de Roquefereau located in the town of Penne-d'Agenais.  If you haven't read the article you can view it here (HERE).

Gorgeous fireplace and chandelier
One of the guest rooms

Lovely doors on the built in Armoire

Another bedroom
I love the arched doorway and the stairway
Beautiful floors

I hope you enjoy this article.


  1. Beautiful photos! My favorite is the fireplace. It's my all time favorite place in the house. I think it's because you can entertain with friends, read, relax, and even sleep. You can do everything there. Hope you have a great weekend Kris!

  2. you know what i like best? the ceilings! those wood bars painted "old" white... just marvelous : )

  3. I am enjoying reading your blog and love this post, such a coincidence that I bought the french magazine "Maison Creative" yesterday and there was a free issue from last year with it that did a whole article on this place. By the way I have come to you via eclecticrevisited and fauxology through FB.

  4. stunning interiors in gray and white.. love all the natural elements such as stone and wood..the staircase is to die for..!!

  5. Kris, thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I love Annie Sloan paints and use them to suit my taste. I don't particularly like heavily distressed pieces of furniture. A little distressing is great but when the distressing becomes the main feature then I lose interest. I like Paris Grey and Old White together but have found that the dark wax needs particular care not to look streaked - I know that is the point sometimes- but I find it distracting depending on the furniture. The more intiricate the detail then it can enhance the piece but the plainer the piece then maybe not. However, at the end of the day we must please ourselves and not others if we are to live with it. Most of the items I have painted were made by my husband many years ago and just needed an update. As AS says, always use clear wax before putting on the dark wax as otherwise it seeps in and is difficult to rectify. Sorry to go on but as you are aware I have become a little obsessed. Lovely to have your input on the mirror, I like the fact that you voiced your opinion, I much prefer this to the often rather gushing compliments that are expressed in many blogs. Unfortunately, my second language is Flemish and not French so I have had to update my schoolgirl French since living here but we manage quite well. C'est la vie. Should you ever want to come to France you are welcome, 1 hour 5 minutes away from Paris on the TGV!

  6. Dear Kris,
    yes, it is true, I had many works to renovate our party room in the basement last two weeks. And I did most of the work on my own. My husband had much work in the office, so he could not help me much. Fortunately, he still had a little bit of time to make the new seat. I'm quite happy about it. :) I am also very glad to know, that in Texas the temperatur is going down now. I can imagine, how relieved you are.
    Have a nice and pleasant week!
    Warm regards,

  7. The soft shade of gray is quite appealing and I am looking for a neutral, something different from the usual taupe or beige. It is a lovely compliment to white. Your post has inspired me.


  8. Ooooo, I love, love, love that first photo. Everything about it makes me swoon.

  9. Love all the grey and white. Gorgeous. It continues to amaze me how drawn I can be to this look...yet it is nothing like my home. I need another house.

  10. I agree with Mona, I love so many different looks that it would be nice to have several houses. I guess that is why I love being an interior designer. I get to dabble with so much beauty. Beautiful pictures.

    I also love the quote from your previous post. It was through Alexandra Stoddard's writing that I learned that we are suppose to dream big!


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