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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Upholstery 101

Having recovered several chair cushions over the years and after feeling reasonably confident, I decided to recover the chair seat of my computer chair with the help of my husband.  (He always helps me when I strike a grand plan LOL)  In the past, I have used fabric that doesn't have a match...Either a solid or stripe. This time I decided to try a pattern, a toile fabric of linen/cotton made for upholstering which presented some problems for me, a novice upholster.

Because it was a toile pattern I had to make sure that the scene was centered in the middle of the seat which in and of itself didn't present any problems.  But in trying to make sure that the pattern was perfectly centered (I'm a perfectionist) I neglected to make sure the pattern was turned so the scene could be seen from the front of the chair instead of from behind.  Needless to say, once recovered and I had a chance to look at it, I asked my husband if the pattern should be turned so as to see the scene when looking directly in front of the chair instead of from behind?  Being a man he said he thought you could do it either way.  But I knew something was amiss and decided to contact my dear friend Fifi of the blogs Fifi Flowers(HERE) and Reading Is Fashionable(HERE) by sending her a picture of my chair and asking her what she thought.  She sent a message asking me if there was any reason why I reversed the pattern?  HA HA HA  Not wanting to offend me she said it looked nice. In any event, I had to do it twice.  So, a job that should have taken about an hour or so turned into a two hour project.  LOL LOL Live and learn and you can bet your bottom dollar I won't make this mistake again.  Take a peek at the results.

This is what the chair looked like:

Chair Before I Recovered.
After I Removed the Seat

It took us one hour to remove all of the staples from the seat of this chair.
Laying Out The Fabric
This is a two person job. One person needs to staple while the other pulls the fabric very, very taut.
Stapling the New Fabric Onto The Chair Seat
Stapled and trimmed.
Backing Added
Finished Chair Seat Recovered.

Voila!  And remember ladies to turn your fabric so that the pattern can be viewed when looking at the chair from the front and not the reverse.


  1. very lovely..that is such a pretty fabric's like having a new chair now..!!

  2. oh! thats fun! i did something similar to my kitchen chairs. very old ones the leather looked horrible but i used plastic tablecloth! the one one uses outside here in Norway- easier to clean after my kids have eaten ; ) i `ll change it again to something more decorative later on. thats the fun with it.

  3. Nice job, Kris, and your picture is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I had dining room chairs for which I had changed the upholstery so many times that we had to replace the wood. It is important to use a heavy duty staple gun.

    My daughter now has those chairs and has replaced the covers several times already!


  5. We love the fabric you chose. You made the project look so easy.
    Angela and Renee

  6. Beautiful fabric Kris, is it vintage? You did a great job and it was very sweet of Fifi to tell you so gently you had reversed the pattern! Good friends will always tell you when you have spinach between your teeth! HAHa That's my motto too Kris... Live and Learn! Have a great weekend.


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