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Friday, August 5, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

August tends to be one of the hottest months of the year.  We have been having record temperatures here for the past 30 days, temperatures ranging from 103 to 110 with heat indexes making it even more miserable.  If I could dream of the perfect day to kick back and enjoy the heat it might go something like this...

Image via

Crate & Barrel

Starting to feel a bit better already.

Perhaps something a bit stronger might help?

Family Spice 
That's much better!

Now for some time at the beach.

Image via Google

Image via Google
I'm starting to enjoy this.

Image via Google

Sigh, this pretty much does it for me.  Now for some zzzzzzzz's.  What would a perfect summer day be for you?


  1. I'm going for the stronger version. On my way to the lake. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Kris, The perfect summer day would be spent having a family picnic outside under large, majestic oak trees in a meadow. The temp would be 75 with a light breeze. Wow, sounds like Maine not Texas. Happy weekend!

  3. open my window every day to the aegean sea ... thats a perfect summer for me-and i wouldn`t mind a mojito in the evenings : )

  4. Wish you a light breeze!
    Necessary for a perfect summerday!


  5. Drop the temperature 20 degrees and the humidity by 20%.... whew! Now, I will take that frosty beverage and a little breeze. Just perfect!

    Wishing cooler temps for us both!


  6. Thanks for your comment... My sister (former ballerina and ballet teacher) and I saw Swan Lake in Madrid last September with Angel and Carmen Corella... we cried it was so beautiful.


  7. ...thank you so much for your lovely wishes, dear Kris!
    New born babies are indeed adorable and also a miracle to me. I hope that my niece and my nephew will have confidence in us later. We would very happy.
    Your great post is absolutely perfect to me! It is rainy, stormy and grey over here. No Sunshine and no warm temperatur. The weather is really going crazy over here.
    Have a nice week!
    Warm regards,

  8. Hello Kris..
    I like your idea of refreshments!!! it does look good right about now..I had my canvas and paints out and painting in the sun..decided it was too hot and am now in need of something quite refreshing..


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