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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I've Been Busy

Lately, I have been in my creative mode making homemade items for my Etsy Shop that I hope to have open early September.  Here is a peek at some of the items that will be available:

Hand Stenciled Bamboo Hand Towel
Fleur de Lis Bamboo Hand Towels
Hand Stenciled Burlap Drawstring Bags
No#7 and Fleur de lis
Filled with Lavender Scented Pinecones.

I am also in the process of TRYING to figure out how to put a (like) Facebook button on my blog but every time I try to do this it gives me some message that only developers can use this?  I have a Facebook Page and would like to connect my blog to my business Facebook page BUT due to my less than savvy computer experience am unable to figure this out?  If any of you out there knows how to do this please leave me a comment or else I may STILL be trying to figure this out long after my shop opens up!

H E L P!!!!

Also, Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway (HERE).


  1. love your sweet little hand stenciled towels and drawstring bags..the fleur de lis is one of my favorites!..not sure how to do blogger Fb links but I did it 2 ways on my was to upload a pic as normal but then add a link to the pic as if I was linking to another blog...(I have to click on my pic to do this) the other was to add a widget with a pic and add the link back to fb..I had to link everything manually instead of getting it from my blog platform (host) or from Fb..and I just found the Fb pic doing a google search...
    hope this helps, but maybe not..I'm sure some one who uses blogger/blogspot will be more helpful...
    but now that I know you're on Fb, I'll go find you!!

  2. Hallo Kris!

    i am realy looking forward to your shop!

    have a lovely weekend dear : )

  3. Very pretty My Dear! Can't wait to see the shop!

    Sorry I can't help on the FB issue - I haven't done that yet. I'm sure when I do you will have figured it out and can help me!

    Have a great weekend Kris



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