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Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Make-up Time

Good morning Ladies,

I thought it might be fun to check out some of the new make-up products this year. It seems all of the major make-up companies i.e. Chanel, Clinque, Bobbi Brown are always finding some new shades of color or applications that makes applying make-up fun.

We all have a little make-up bag filled with all sorts of products... old (yuck) and new... (Yay) BUT how many of us really throw away the old stuff? I know, it is hard to part with old stuff because after all it is expensive. How often have YOU thought, "I think I'll hang on to this for a bit longer"? Well anyway, I thought I would show you some lovely products to put on our lovely faces.

Wouldn't a face like this be lovely?  Look at those cheek bones.
This woman looks like she knows how to apply her make-up in a way that does not look like a clown preforming in a circus.

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It is always best when applying make-up to use a good set of make-up brushes.  These make-up brushes by Chanel are not only gorgeous but practical as well.  Coco would have never had cheap, tawdry brushes on display on her make-up table.

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Just look at these gorgeous shades of lipstick.  Coco Rouge by Chanel is by far the best lipstick that I have come across because it stays on longer than most I've used.  I have a terrible time NOT licking off my lipstick and I'm telling you gals right now that this stuff has "staying power".  I'll let you in on a little secret...whenever I am feeling low and want a pick-me up, I purchase a tube of lipstick.  Somehow, I always feel better, walk a bit more erect, head held higher, and feel more self-confident when I am carrying a tube of new lipstick.

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I consider "pots of rouge" or blush in cream or powder to make or break the cheek bones.  Knowing exactly where to apply it is very important or you can come out looking like those sweet lil' ladies who, since losing their eyesight, have enough rouge on their cheeks to look like the clown I mentioned above.  Not that there is anything wrong with that...just sayin' we don't want to look like that until we have to.

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Next we go on to nail polish for those of you who have nails with any length to polish.  While I do like these three colors independently of each other, I have to say that I'm just not that crazy for the black polish.  It reminds me of "vampires" or that horrid "gothic" look that some of the young girls are keen on nowadays.  However, that being said, I believe Morticia of the Adams family would look lovely in this shade.  Oui?  I personally would love the pinky, peachy color.

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Don't let this little tube surprise you. This mascara is wonderful and is used for the lower lashes...just the right size for getting those pesky lower lashes.  It also is removable with soap and water and comes in several shades. I don't know about you, but I was forever smearing the larger mascara wand onto my lower seemed I just couldn't maneuver that large wand to hit those lashes without creating smears that looked like I had been crying for hours. Trust me on this one.

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I love the unique size of this blush and matching lipstick or gloss.  I find the smaller the compact and tubes the more I can cram into that little make-up bag of mine...Well, actually it is more like a train case.

There you have it.  Not everything of course but some of the newer colors and items that I found.  I'm sure there is more to be found because as long as there are women who want to go out looking chic and youthful they will continue to come out with more and more items that will become a necessity if we are to stay our lovely selves.

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Let us hope that we will know when less is more.  I'd love to hear what products you can't live without.


  1. less is more on make-up for sure : D
    i use clinique and korres ( a greek brand that i like a lot) usually but also biotherm sometimes. there isa lot of good products out there. not all of them affordable unfortunately... i do through away old things. i am very carefull what i put on my face or body. not very varefull what i put in soul though... i need to be better at it

  2. Ooh I just love a bit of girly glamour, every once in a while my daughter and I go out on a girly shop, we come back and my husband is all smiles, thinking we have been models of self restraint. It is amazing how much new makeup can be stored inside a roomy handbag!

    I stick to Clinique for most things, having a sensitive English complexion. However I have just discovered Bobbi Brown, and I am won over by their colours. Chanel what can I say - I long for a beautiful dressing table complete with a full set of their skin care products, the packaging is so lovely.

    My daughter has now got me on to RMK a skin care range from Japan, their oil cleanser and 'moist'moisturiser are wonderful, perfect for skins that need a touch of TLC.

    You are so right, moderation in all things is so much more flattering on older faces, full warpaint isn't an option, unless you fancy looking like Barbara Cartland.

  3. O YES!!!
    Less is more!

    The most important make-up is to sleep enough!


  4. I'm cracking up right now. Less is indeed more. Love Chanel products. This post is a reminder to me that I need to clean my brushes and throw some old stuff away.

  5. Oh Kris perfect post...I have a love hate relationship with makeup right now. Have major skin problems and trying to figure out if it's the makeup has been such a hassle. Went back to my good old mary kay pressed powder that I've been using for over a decade. Everything else I use is MAC. Would love to some day try Chanel though. OK off to throw away super old makeup that I've been hanging on to LOL

  6. Hahaha! Yes, less is more!=))

    Hugs Camilla

  7. MUST have lipstick and like you Kris - if I need a pick me up new lips always does the trick!

    Fab post


  8. Hi Kris,
    I LOVE make-up..but I agree "less is more"...especially now that I'm that "certain age" and make-up can look like it's hiding something..and lipstick is my favorite..I don't leave the house without that and mascara..
    btw, you're now on my blogroll too and I look forward to your posts!!! :)


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