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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered....

Sometimes, I find myself a loss for words.  I know, I know it's hard to believe.  Always being the talkative one in my family and always the student who continually talked in school and was berated by the Sisters for not paying attention.  Somehow I think those reprimands did something to my mind.  I find myself paying attention to EVERYTHING now, even the most curious things.

Like...Why it is that as we age, we women, end up in our late 50's and 60's with a tummy on us reminiscent of our fifth month of pregnancy that is attached to skinny bird legs?  It's true...just take a look around you!

Why is it I am still attracted to fashion styles that only a 20 to 30 "something girl" can wear and STILL want to try them on only to shake my head and think..."What ever was I thinkin".

Why is it when I look into the mirror every morning I wonder where my soft, smooth, and wrinkle free skin went?  Sigh...No more Cover Girl.
Why is it when I look at my skin, it is so thin and dry instead of supple and soft?  Next, I'll notice age spots...Wait! Maybe they are already there I just can't see them!

Why is it when I try to read the small print on packages, or instructions I need a magnifying glass or my reading glasses to see?  (Reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood..."Grandma what big eyes you have".  "The better to see you with my dear".
Why is it when trying on a bathing suit, there are no suits with enough support to hold up "the girls", only spandex with no cups!!  Just when you think you don't have enough to worry about, just take a look down, close to your waist and ask yourself how did this happen!  It's just not fair....Where was this suit when I needed it?

Why is it we are NEVER ready for "grannie panties" BUT end up wearing them because they have more material that can cover the excess poundage that somehow ended up there??
I think the

Sisters did me a disservice.  If I had not been reprimanded for talking perhaps I would not have started paying attention to things that I never thought of thinking about.... But do now.


  1. dear Kris! i think we need to accept we are getting older. do the best we can to keep this skin, but mostly our sanity, soft and tender. and i do believe that one can wear whatever they wish not matter of age. i will use all stars until at least i am 80 ; )

  2. Sweet Kris,

    My age spots are affectionately known as freckles. Sounds cutesier. I also keep a tape in my head of my daughters vision of me, it's much more flattering than my own! However, this does not help read ANYTHING without assistance!!!!!

    Yours in reading glasses,


  3. Remember the old Geritol commercial that said "you're as young as you feel?" So how are you feeling? Back to normal yet? We are in the midst of moving out of our townhouse in a few weeks. Then a period of homelessness until we can move in the Austin house. Hope this old body and brain can keep up. LOL.

  4. ...I'm laughing because I so agree...yea, how did this happen?..I'm noticing more and more how I'm growing older, but I'm accepting it...we spend a good many years as old people, might as well accept it and make the best of it...
    and keep a sense of humor!!! :)


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